My Mission

Skye is an avid nature artist, author and storyteller, creative communitarian, and field trip facilitator; versatile and passionate in all forms of his work. His mission is to reconnect people to their love of nature through creativity, imagination, and play. This simple mission guides Skye’s work and play each day as he aims to empower people in their actions and inspire others to follow their dreams.


We all have our distinctive piece to contribute to this more beautiful world. This contribution is expressed through our gifts – the unique creative capacities that bring excitement to our lives when we offer them in service to something larger than ourselves. Through this alignment with our gifts and contribution to the greater whole we are filled with a renewed sense of purpose, elation, meaning, and fulfillment - too often lacking in today’s world.

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Nature Art Reflections

 Check out my Patreon site for exciting opportunities to become a part of the thriving artistic community, join me on the adventure with behind-the-scene bonuses, and sponsor my creativity/nature art for the enjoyment of all!

Earth Work

Home Beautification

My creative and facilitated work with others in the natural world aims to remind people of the beauty and joy found in appreciating and giving back to our collective home, the Earth.

Dream Mentorship

I work with individuals who feel tired and unfulfilled in their current work and desire to free their time for more exciting creative projects by releasing the paralyzing habits of victimization, limitation, and motivation.

Gift Circles

A Gift Circle is a small gathering of people to facilitate the sharing of gifts, needs, and gratitude in the co-creation of community relationships.

Creative Gifts

Latest Blogs

The Coronation Remix

The following is a personal poetic remix of the article recently written by Charles Eisenstein, titled “The Coronation”. His words are always such beautiful medicine to my heart, especially during tough times, and this moment in history is no different. I am honoured to have the opportunity to re-work his 9000 word essay of inspiration into this 3500 word, poetic response/summary (I tried to summarize but it’s so juicy!). While […]

Awakening the Sensuous – Sneak Peek

The following blog contains the first half dozen pages of the first chapter of my upcoming book, tentatively titled “Awakening the Sensuous“. If you are digging the story, please head over to the campaign launch page to preorder your copy and help bring the grassroots book to life through its first print run (anticipated June 2017). CHAPTER ONE – NIGHT I look to the west as the setting sun makes […]

When Earth and Skye Harmonize – 2017 Wall Calendar

The much anticipated 2017 wall calendar – When Earth and Skye Harmonize – is ready to order for the upcoming year! This third annual artistic coalescence features fourteen, full colour, high resolution prints of 2016’s nature art creations, with (new this year) colour calendar grids (including the annual holidays, moon cycles, and eclipses), inspirational quotes from A Dreamer’s Handbook, and a unique story behind each piece emailed to your inbox each month through […]


Gift Relationships

I am here, able to offer my services due to the generosity of others. This is my inspiration to give back. Click here to find out how you can support my work!


Thank you so much for sharing your dreamers handbook with me, Ive enjoyed immensely reading it. Especially before bed. It keeps me so warm and hopeful to hear such resonant and affirming words that I’m totally not alone in the journeys I go through in my mind and that they Are real to me therefore they are real and that no matter what some will say and doubt that I can trust my journey.

(Praise for A Dreamer’s Handbook)

Sarah H Nature Nurse and Forest Fairy

“Your book is amazing! I can’t put it down!”

(praise for Dreaming Awake)

Ocian Flo Sound Healer/Alchemist and Frequency Femme Fatale

It was to meet you Skye, your grounded and artistic energy was truly nice to be around!

(from a Nature Art Field Trip)

Claudia Regine Vancouver Area School Teacher

“It amazes me what happens when groups gather in circle and begin by speaking of Gratitude. The Needs and Offerings of those present often align in profoundly synchronistic ways, whether within the Gift Circle itself, or in the without warning in weeks that follow. What I appreciate the most about Skye is his courageous modelling of “Living in the Gift”, and being of service wherever he is present. Skye’s gift for gentle yet effective management and leadership are apparent in all that he does, drawing from years of formal education, mentorship, and self-directed inquiry. Hats off to this incredible being.”

(on Gift Circles)

Joshua Wagler BA Urban Studies, Permaculture Designer & Natural Builder, Integrated Living Landscapes LTD