Are you ready to reclaim your life and do more of what you love?

I work with individuals who feel tired and unfulfilled in their current work and desire to free their time for more exciting creative projects by releasing the paralyzing habits of victimization, limitation, and motivation. Together, we connect into our heart’s direction through experimentation and play, resulting in greater passion for life, the courage to align with your chosen purpose, and the trust to receive support from community.

This is my heart-based service to you.


I am here to be of service in the co-creation of your dreams and the giving back of your unique creativity. Read the below page to discover the four-week journey of Dream Mentorship that we will embark on together – by transforming within and integrating without. The depth and breadth of the journey is entirely up to you and can be as minimal as four, one hour sessions (skype or in person) or as extensive as weekly playwork assignments for greater self-discovery. 


Week One (Rooting) Sharing Through Story

rootsDuring this introductory session we explore the unique and present moment life situation in which you are immersed. This is to align and clarify your needs, dreams, and desires with my focus and direction for the Dream Mentorship Journey. Through story sharing and deep listening, we will:

  • Create a purposeful mission statement of inspiration for your Dream Mentorship Journey and beyond
  • Uncover what you want to release from your life and what you want to bring in more of, to tap into your natural passion for living
  • Identify limiting self-talk and weak language that keeps you from pursuing your creative dreams
  • Establish an open communication of feedback and support between us for the journey


Week Two (Growth) Reclaiming Your Time

Time and money are the two most prevalent stories of projected victimization when it comes to being free to do growthwhat we love. Week two is focused on your personal use of time as it relates to your creativity and dedication to purposeful work. We become empowered as individuals by remembering that our free will choice is in the present moment and is exercised by our decision of where to direct our energy and attention. This week we:

  • Create a time-use structure to ensure that you are choosing yourself constructively, making more time for what you want to do
  • Reduce the need to be constantly on-the-go and open to the importance of time to simply bein a state of non-doing
  • Commit to yourself through a purposeful daily practice of rejuvenation
  • Empower you by becoming aware of the victimization and limitation thoughts we project onto time.


Week Three (Watering) Redefining Money

wateringEach of us has a unique relationship to the tool that we call money. Too often, this relationship is one of limitation, as we feel that money stands between us and the pursuit of what we love to do. How do we get started on a dream when the thought of not being able to afford to blocks our path? In Week Three Watering, we will:

  • Learn about reducing your reliance on money and the traditional market economy in order to reduce your need to simply work for money
  • Open to alternative models of exchange in alignment with your purposeful mission, while still meeting your needs
  • Practice expressing your needs and sharing your gifts to create a support network of community in relationship
  • Identify and release money-related fears and limitations in your life


Week Four (Flowering) Dream Manifestation

Once we have broken down the barriers and limitations holding us back from creating our dream, we are free to floweringtake the next step in front of us. When we connect to our heart’s inspiration and excitement through the vision of a dream, we bust through the mirage of a lack of motivation. In the final week of flowering, we:

  • Develop an Attitude of Gratitude to transform life experiences and obstacles along the journey into gifts
  • Heart-storm ideas for your dream’s vision to expand its potential and refine its clarity while building trust in the organic unfolding of the dream
  • Create a supportive, empowering, and inspiring environment to ensure your dream’s greatest realization
  • Make connections with the people, places, and resources you need to get started and to create an ongoing support network to solidify your dream into reality


This four-week journey is offered to you in a way that allows for flexibility with timing and reciprocation. In order to support my time, energy, and attention in this work, I request a sliding-scale amount of $100-$160 for the four week session of one-on-one sessions (web or in person) that includes supportive check-ins along the way. I invite you to reflect on your own wage and the value you receive through our mentorship journey to make an additional gratitude adjustment (adding or subtracting from the sliding scale amount) following the four sessions.

***Note: I aim to live my life where money is never a wall between what I have to offer and someone wishing to receive. If the requested reciprocation is not within your means, please let me know and we can find a mutually supportive alternative.

If you feel like you are a fit for the Dream Mentorship, please contact me and we can open a dialogue to establish a connection. 

Thank you!