In early 2015 I embarked on a six week trip from Baja, Mexico to Victoria, Canada to pick up trash and make nature art. The beautification mission was entirely crowd funded, with over 100 people contributing to the needs of the dream.

The first three weeks were devoted to the highways of Baja, Mexico – from El Rosario north to San Quintin. I would divide my time between picking up garbage and making nature art. All of the bags were collected and transported for disposal by spontaneous helpers along the way.

The second half of the journey wound up the West Coast of the United States, finishing in Victoria, Canada on my birthday. This portion consisted of pick up and art in urban centers and provided opportunity to engage people more directly.

For those interested in the story, you can find all of the ‘perks’ and media from the campaign available through this dropbox link. The folder contains all of the nature art photos, the journal as a PDF, the three months of my financial transparency, and the assorted photographs from the journey. To check out the time lapse videos from the tour, follow this link to my youtube channel.


Continuing the work…

The Trash Transformation Tour crowdfunding campaign showed me the overwhelming support for work as humble as picking up garbage. Collecting trash is one aspect of the Earth Beautification work I enjoy. When I sought financial support for the trash transformation tour, I asked each person to donate what they felt one hour of trash pick up was worth. If you would like to contribute to my Earth Beautification work and sponsor one hour (or more) of trash pick up, contact me here.

Thank you!