My life is a gift and I choose to love it that way.

Within a new story for the economy of the world, we find it is people that form the tangible support and security from which we thrive. This is the gift of community. It is only because of others that we are here at all. Life is a gift. It is this recognition that opens us up to truly sharing what we have to offer – our creative gifts and that which we have in abundance beyond our personal need. We cannot force this sharing, however – it is to be offered as an invitation to accept through inspiration and a natural desire.  (click here to read more of the story)

This page is for those who wish to co-create a relationship of support that I am calling Creative Investment. I am practicing and embodying a new model of economic support that frees people from the stress and need to work simply to survive. It is a grassroots experiment in the co-creation of a world that offers a Universal Basic Income. This relationship calls upon those who value the creative gifts I offer and wish to support financially in their potential through trust and reciprocity.


Your contribution of monitude (money as gratitude) is your vote of trust and investment into the manifestation of the creative work I offer. Since you trust me, I am completely transparent with where my financial flow goes and what it is needed for. I have also shared a list of what my current needs are, available here. This transforms money from a transaction closer, to a relationship builder – bonded with gratitude.


My feeling of gratefulness fuels reciprocity and further generosity – the amplification of the gift as it flows through community. Your support enables me to have a greater abundance to give and frees my time to focus more directly on creativity and dream support. Here are a few ways I reciprocate and give:

I. Directly (to you)

  • Access to all of my digital creations (books, essays, blogs, videos, nature art photos)
  • Weekly blogs and social media updates (sharing my stories and reflections)
  • Monthly newsletter (with inspiring stories, current projects, updates, and new digital gifts)
  • Financial Transparency (where it comes from and where it goes)
  • Solidarity with Skye through ongoing friendship (email and messaging support, skype chats + dream mentorship, and in-person)
  • The collaboration with creating a new economic model based on relationships with individuals.

II. Around the Corner (to others)

  • Gifting Circles (to share the gift economy and help empower local communities)
  • Nature Art creations (as gifts to communities, homes, parks, wilds, etc.) and Field Trips
  • Commitment to offer my spontaneous acts of service as I travel (in response to where I am and what is needed)
  • Gifting 10% of all financial inflow onward to other cultural creatives and people in need
  • Open sharing of my digital creations

III. Investment in Creative Projects and Dreams

These are current and future projects I wish to devote more time and energy to creating. Your investment support enables me to direct more attention to creating them and inspires me to persevere with your trust in the vision. You can choose a specific investment if you wish!

  • Creative Gifts (ongoing)
    • Nature Art Prints – $80 will enable me to order about 400 postcard sized prints
    • Books – to help with an order of any/all of my three books available
    • DreamPortals – to obtain materials to create
  • Writing my fourth book (current) – I am devoting the next couple of months (Feb/Mar 16) to writing a sequel to my third book, Dreaming Awake. If you want to sponsor this work, or pre-order a copy (release Spring 16) let me know!
  • Earth Beautification and Transmedia Solution Storytelling (current/future) – This is a newly budding dream of mine that is taking form in time. Imagine a solutions-focused, real-time documentary, told through multiple media platforms as a means of creative expression for the characters creating the story. I am feeling particularly drawn to healing the waters. I see travel. Playtime with children. Exploration of nature. Learning and understanding what right relationship with water is. Becoming aware of the global water situation and what we can do about it. Click here for more details


giftcircle5This is a new model that I am embodying more each day and it is an idea that will spread with practice and sharing. As more people find the courage and take the step into investing in each other, we find that we all-ways have what we need when we share. This next step is into something completely new.

If any of this story resonates with you and you wish to connect more, please feel free to email me to open a dialogue. I am looking for Creative Investors who want to form a co-creative relationship of support and I am looking for Cultural Creatives to embody, propagate, and experiment with this new form of investment. There is no specific amount required to become a Creative Investor and I encourage the dollar amount to arise as your heart guides you. Remember, so much more is contained in the gift than the number conveys.

In gratitude,