Master of None

~ In Home Services with Skye ~

Do you ever feel like life is an endless race to catch up with the things you’ve fallen behind on?

Do you want to organize your life and aren’t sure where to start?

When was the last time you got to relax, reflect, restore, and do something nourishing for yourself?

I’m here to help you free your time!

I am a strong supporter of people having free time; time to wander, to create, to rest, to play, to imagine, and to dream. I am here to be of service to people needing support with their to-do lists, responsibilities, and motivations, so they may have opportunities for the free time they need to feel revitalized and inspired. I am available to create these opportunities for you, through my in-home “Master of None” services.

How can I help?

We start with an initial nature walk meetup to see how our gifts and needs align. You may need me for a few days, a week, or even two. I want to know how I can help make your life easier. I have placed my potential services in three circles below to offer a framework with organic overlap, depending on your specific needs. Clear communication is crucial for understanding and clarity – each arrangement will unfold through a unique discussion.

Jack of All Trades

Stuff to fix at home? Want time to get outside? Have a project you want to get started on? I like to think I’m a Jack of all Trades and a Master of None. These are some of the ways I can help make your life easier or things I can help bring into your life that you may feel are lacking. 🙂

Why In-Home?

I enjoy a minimalist, nomadic lifestyle. My intention is to combine my love of communal living with my passion for helping others by receiving invitations to stay in the homes of those requesting my help. This allows for a more personal and integrative support experience. I believe an invitation into one’s home is one of the most generous gifts and show of trust someone can offer another. The practice of being a gracious and respectful guest is one I value highly.

What do I Need?

Somewhere to lay my head at night is the baseline for what I need in return. I enjoy the occasional shower and require an internet connection to work on my own projects. Beyond that, reciprocation like food sharing, my own room, money, or other gifts, are always appreciated and will depend on how much of my time you require, the nature of the tasks, and your affordability. I believe that money should never be a wall between gifts and needs and I want to be as available as I can while keeping balanced with my other projects. We have an opportunity to create win-win systems of support to make life easier for everyone and I look forward to helping!

Let Me Know!

If this ‘Master of None’ service is of interest to you, please contact me on facebook or through email at I look forward to hearing from you and exploring how we can work together to make life easier!


Skye stayed in my home while I was out of town for 10 days just before Christmas. I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive about coming back on Christmas Eve and not knowing the state I would find my home in. I should have known I had no reason to worry because I know Skye. Not only did I come home to a clean and tidy house, but clean sheets on my bed as well. This was amazing because I arrived home just before midnight.

While I was away I had left a short list of things I needed done and told Skye to pick a couple to do. Skye, being the earth angel that his is, made time for everything on my list. I’m very grateful for the work Skye did around my house and the care he took of my home in general. I would highly recommend working out an exchange with Skye if you do have the opportunity to do so. Skye has a massive heart. He is trustworthy, hardworking and consistently puts the needs of others before his own. Please don’t take advantage of this sweet soul, his generosity knows no end.

— Naomi Teevens

“Having Skye over at the house to stay or to clean has always been a pleasure. Very thorough, thoughtful, and respectful when it comes to the house and those living in it. I would highly recommend his services.”

— Fraser Knott

“Skye is a self-sufficient, self-motivated person. He is so easy to come have stay with you as he sees what needs done and just does it. He is not afraid to take work on without needing much instruction. He does the extra mile and nitices what needs doing. I appreciate that kind of self direction. He is a fast learner and able to do most any task. You can rely on him to be responsible and get the job done.

He is community minded. He is a good communicator. His energy is peaceful and supportive. He is an innovative thinker and a wonderful problem solver. his help in thinking things out to the best possible outcome is extremely useful in getting those less than desirable things done! A great help to have around the house to lessen your load so you can get the things done you need to while he takes care of the extras… I have been on both ends of work exchange situations and I know good help when I get it. Skye is all those things you are grateful to have in a helper live in trade kind of situation. Highly recommend getting him to come help you! A perfect share! <3

— Teresa Bryanton