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Awakening the Sensuous: Unearthing an Ecosexual Perspective in Nature

Throughout this enticing sensory story, you will encounter many archetypal characters as they reveal insights into plant medicines, permaculture, urban reclamation, waste reintegration, ritual and celebration, education, community living, travel, technology, and environmentalism. Together, we will unearth an Ecosexual perspective in nature, exploring the sensuous intersection between sexuality and ecological activism. Through this lens, we shift the childhood relationship to the Mother, step through our collective rite of passage, and embody our coming of age with Lover Earth.

Rise into love and dive through the grief of the undulating rollercoaster that is the life of this story. What is it that gives rise to this feeling of love in the first place? And what place does love have in a world on the verge of collapse, ruined by the insatiable appetite of an unstoppable world devouring machine?”


Dreaming Awake: Adventures of a Dreamer-in-Training


Dreaming Awake chronicles the adventures of a Dreamer-in-training as they discover the freedom and love accessible through a life dedicated to following their dreams. Stuck in a perpetually draining routine within the default world, the Dreamer breaks free through a series of most timely gifts, beginning with the inspirational spark from a friend.  Contained within its pages are words and stories that awaken the Dreamer to the hidden power in following their dreams. With this new found ally and guide we embark on a transformative journey of self discovery to unearth courage, restore magic, and expand possibility in a world teaching otherwise.


The Spirit of the Gift: A Storymap of Living in the Gift

The Spirit of the Gift

I offer this labour of love to the world as an ally to those who create the more beautiful world their hearts know is possible. It is inspired through the study and implementation of many influences, including Charles Eisenstein with his depth of perspective into the transition occurring on the planet today. I am grateful for nearly three years of experience at the heart of a community home and healing sanctuary (founded on a gifting model) called Eden’s Cove, as well as a local chapter of the Evolver Network. Both communities invited many into new relationships with life and each other while catalyzing the personal transformation necessary for the emergence of my first book.


A Dreamer’s Handbook

A Dreamer's Handbook

This handbook is intended to aid in the identification, healing, transmutation, and release of the learned barriers that keep a Dreamer from using the imagination’s paintbrush to create with vibrant colours on life’s canvas. Using symbolic visuals, both in image and in word, A Dreamer’s Handbook serves as a remembrance of our collective capacity to create beauty and wonder on Earth. We dream the new dawn together.





Eden's Cove

The Story of Eden’s Cove: Insights and Experiences into Urban Community Living


Below are the links to The Collective Tribe’s Foundational Strategies Series. All are available on payhip as a gift to the collective.

It's Not About the Money Cover copy

Sex, Money, and Friendship