DreamPortals are hand-woven gateways to the dreaming realms, designed to create a visual focal point for a Dreamer’s awareness as they cross into the vast ocean of dreamspace. By creating such focus, a Dreamer is practiced in the art of receiving meaningful insight and hidden gifts from all of their dreams.


Each DreamPortal is made with the specific recipient in heart-mind and offer a unique shape and weave, along with a colour coordinated selection of beads, feathers, gems,  origami, and ornamentation. Unique numerical combinations are featured through the portal weave that reflect the intention behind each DreamPortal.

Fires of Inception 2

I offer these as a gift, leaving reciprocation up to the inspiration and value of the receiver. They typically take me anywhere from 3-7 hours to make (depending on complexity) and I ask you to choose a monetary amount that is reflective of that time, attention, and care. This also contributes to covering the direct material costs to the Portal.

Contact Skye here to request a custom DreamPortal!

Here are a few past creations