Bring the beauty of nature into your home space

Thank you for your interest in my nature art! I am excited to have my work appreciated and create so we may be reminded of the hidden beauty and healing power of nature. I believe we are all a part of the Earth, and when we fall in love with our home we find a natural desire to protect and give back to our common life source. The art is an expression of the temporariness of life and the beauty in its impermanence.

Each of the creations start with inspiration received while walking barefoot in nature. They take form through a coalescence of found materials – such as rocks, leaves, and branches – brought together by my hands. A photograph is taken to capture the transient art; rendering it digitally for a chance at permanence. The print is made locally, wood for the frame received from salvaged trees, and the final piece built by me.

If you would like to request a custom framed print for your space, I offer them on a sliding scale from $77 to $250 (sizing up to 20″x30″ and includes drywall mounting hardware). Prints (without frames) are available from $20 – $40. The scale is open for you to choose an amount; because in the end, the value of something is determined by the individual receiving. The lower range is based on the question, “How much would I need if this were my full time job?” and incorporates my time and direct expenses involved in each piece. The upper range is an invitation to those who are more financially abundant to give greater freedom to my work and the communities involved.

I aim to have my gifts as accessible as possible to people and invite you to consider the value of not only the piece of artwork, but the continuation of my work and service to others made possible from your support. My dream is to fund my existence through my creativity and to support others in doing what they love.

Click here to check out the Gallery and stories behind each creation to make a selection

Click here to contact Skye and request your wooden framed portal into nature


Art Swap Programwebart2

Part of the beauty in nature art is its temporary existence, made permanent through the photographs. The art swap is a way to bring the impermanence of nature’s creativity into your home through a monthly exchange program where I will come to your home and swap your current photo with a new one. This will keep your home space fresh, new, and inspiring well into the future!

With the art swap – you will be signing up for a monthly, high quality, custom framed nature art print delivered by me. In addition to receiving your own piece of art, you will also be helping me to grow my craft, share my creativity with others, and support my work to the world.

To join, you would:

  1. Select a piece to purchase (on the $77 – $250 sliding scale) from this online gallery (there are other albums you can choose from as well, this one was just condensed for easy viewing)
  2. Contact me with your selection and desired size.
  3. Sign up as a patron on my nature art sponsorship page, and select the $4/piece pledge (called “Earth Keeper”). When it asks you to choose the maximum pledge amount (depending on how many I make each month), anything $20 or more will qualify for the monthly swap. I am also open to in person payments or etransfers. The first month is included in your initial print purchase.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your support!

— Skye —