I am able to be of service and continue sharing my gifts due to the generous support of others along my journey. If you feel what I offer online through my website or offline while in your physical presence, are valuable contributions to the world, I encourage supporting my work and community with a donation of monitude (gratitude + money) from the heart. This is my work within the emerging gift economy.

In alignment with the essence of tithing and to encourage monetary flow, I pass at least 10% of all my monetary inflow on to others in need, either directly or through material gifts. This is directed from the heart and toward building personal relationships. I take great care to be aware of the flow of money through my life and to direct my outflow to sources I desire to support and in ways that fill my needs constructively. You can find my financial transparency online on the dreamer members page.

One-Time Monitude Donations

I am able to accept email transfers (iamskyedreamer@gmail.com) or paypal (link below)

Every amount helps, so don’t feel as though you need to send a lot. I appreciate the small things 🙂 Here is a list of a few things I like to spend money on:

  • $4 – Coffee for work sessions at a coffee shop
  • $10 – Tasty lunch
  • $13 – Night out at a movie, show, or creative work session over sheesha
  • $25 – Craft Supplies for gifts
  • $30 – Overnight in a campground to shower, do laundry, and go online
  • $40 – A tank of gas

For a more detailed list of all my monthly needs, check out this page. Feel free to contribute dollars to a specific need, or leave it open for me to decide in trust.


Recurring Donations (Sponsorship)

If you wish to co-create a more direct and on-going collaborative relationship founded on trust and reciprocity, please check out these sponsorship opportunities:


Other Ways to Support


Thank you for your support! Hugs next time we meet 🙂

Keep dreaming!