Here you can find my current needs, along with the approximate dollar requirement to fill the need (per month). If you wish to support my work and gifts financially, feel free to request that the money be used for a specific need that you feel drawn to provide for me. More direct ways to sponsor include Creative Investment, Trash Transformation, and my Nature Art Patreon page.

The Basics:

  • Food to eat and water to drink ($375)
  • Gas to move or rent to park ($300)
  • Laundry to clean my clothes ($10)
  • Cell phone to stay in contact ($35)

The Enjoyable Extras:

  • Coffee shop creative work sessions and wifi ($30)
  • Entertainment night out to unwind ($15)
  • Dreamer smoke blends to turn inward and get creative ($30)
  • Materials to create craft gifts like DreamPortals ($20)

The Open to Receive:

Every little bit helps, even if it isn’t the full amount towards a need!