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Nature Art Field Trips

Rediscover the joy and connection of being present in Nature through the exploration and creation of Nature Art. The peaceful process of making Nature Art utilizes the abundance of plant material all around us, and combines with our creative imagination to take on new forms, shapes, and colours of self-expression. When we take time to be in Nature, freed from our daily distractions, we reconnect to the truth within each of our hearts and become empowered and free in our own lives.

fieldtripweb2Skye is available to facilitate outdoor nature art field trips for all ages. They can be anywhere from one hour to one day of playful interaction with the natural world and are great for empowering self-expression as well as fostering trust and teamwork. These discovery-focused sessions guide participants through the senses, as we touch, smell, hear, and observe (maybe taste!) the environment around us, while reconnecting to our childhood curiosity, innocence, and imagination. There will be a mixture of group activities, guided games, and free individual discovery through Nature Art.

You are free to choose your level of participation.

Contact Skye today to book your Nature Art Field Trip!



It was to meet you Skye, your grounded and artistic energy was truly nice to be around!  — Claudia Regine