Earth Version Cover

What we care for and nourish gives back to us ten-fold. This is not a give-to-get mentality, but a deep calling of the heart to be of service to beauty and healing. The nourishment of nature and wild spaces is crucial for the good health and harmonious growth of humanity, and the Earth as a whole. As we rise into love of Earth we cannot help but desire to give back to, and co-create with, our beloved. We are, after all, as much a part of nature as nature is a part of us.

As that which we nourish and support is able to grow and heal, so too are we able to reconnect with the abundance of nourishment available to our whole being in nature. This reciprocity require us to slow down and consider our place in the grander unfolding of life on this planet. 

A deeper reunion is whispering to our hearts, calling us home.

“Our stories are powerful. If we see the world as dead, we will kill it. And if we see the world as alive, we will learn how to serve its healing. And in fact, the world is alive. It is not just the host of life. The forests and reefs and wetlands are its organs. The waters are its blood. The soil is its skin. The animals are its cells. This is not an exact analogy, but the conclusion it invites is valid: that if these beings lose their integrity, the whole planet will wither…. So instead of trying to argue the point, I’ll ask the skeptic to stand barefoot on the earth and feel the truth of it. I believe that however skeptical you are, however fervently you opine that life is just a fortuitous chemical accident driven by blind physical forces, a tiny flame of knowledge burns in every person that Earth, water, soil, air, the sun, the clouds, and the wind are alive and aware, feeling us at the same time as we feel them.”

— Charles Eisenstein

Nourishing That, Which Nurtures Us

This ninth-annual, artistic calendar features a collection of visual treats, in natural suites, to awaken your heart-beats.

  • Fifteen, high-resolution photographs of Skye’s 2022 creative collaborations with Earth and Space
  • The photos feature both wild and urban parks in Calgary, Alberta
  • 13 months of coloured, calendar grids – with holidays, lunar cycles, and eclipses for each month of 2023
  • Inspirational thoughts and stories each month, written by Skye, to open your heart and inspire your mind
  • Digital photos from both versions of the calendar (Earth and Cosmic to pick from– details below), with an expanded story excerpt from each month’s quote – emailed to your inbox on the 1st of each month
  • 10% of proceeds are being donated to the Ancient Forest Alliance working to protect the old growth forests of British Columbia.

You can find the full collection of the past eight years of Cosmic calendars here at this link (along with my entire archives in the other albums on the flickr page)

There are two versions available to choose from:

  1. Earth Edition (nature art photos only)
  2. Cosmic Edition (nature art photos, digitally blended with space photography)

Samples from the same month are shown here to compare each version. The “Earth Edition” is the one on the right and the “Cosmic Edition” is the one below on the left. There are two more comparative samples on the bottom of this page.

There are three reciprocation choices for the calendars, to balance accessibility to you and sustainability for my work:

1. Kick Back – One calendar for $20, or two for $30

2. Around the Corner – $25 – you get one calendar and I gift one to someone who cannot afford it.

3. Gift – we all have times when our money is needed elsewhere and I don’t want a lack of funds to prevent you from enjoying the art. If this is the case for you, let me know and I can send you one from “around the corner”. Last year, 33 people received a gifted calendar thanks to the generosity of others.

*Note – Please add $4 for shipping in Canada or $7 for US shipping.

You can contact me here with this form to request your orderor simply send an etransfer to, along with your requested versions, quantities, and your email so I can contact you for follow up.



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Just as a tree can only thrive with the support of the forest, I too am only able to share these creative fruits due to the support of my mission by people like you. I thank you for however you feel inspired to reciprocate and keep the gifts flowing. May my art serve as a reminder of the beauty of the wild, the joy of co-creating with nature, and the healing power of a curiosity for the unknown. May the photos speak to the love of Earth in your heart and inspire your sense of enchantment and wonder – for every act of caring for one is an act of healing for all.

— with gratitude, Skye