Praise for Awakening the Sensuous:

“Cannot really describe to you how connected I feel to your book. The purpose you describe, even small details and perspectives I find very similar to my own. Thank you for sharing this. And what you are doing on this earth… Really enjoying the story and getting to know you a bit better through your words. So thank you♡ – Also, I will be passing along this book to my grandmother and best friend out east so they can get a better understanding of what I am doing on my travels since I relate so much to it. I really enjoy the way you write 🙂 unique and quite poetic”

— Elizabeth H, Earth Warrior Nomad

Planting the Seed

Awakening the Sensuous is an intimate and exciting story of adventure, exploring the relationships between humans and with nature. This sequel continues the tale from where Dreaming Awake finishes, following the Dreamer, deeper into a grounding embodiment of the direct senses and a rooting connection into the felt knowing of the animal body.

The story takes place in the near future, in a world drowning in the chaos of uncertainty. A Tipping Point was reached as each individual within the collective of humanity found the courage to face the shadows of this world, see through their fears, and step into their essential role as an active Watcher in the conjoint creation of a new Earth. Join the Dreamer once again, as they navigate the wilds of nature, open to the undercurrents of love and sorrow for the Earth, and dive into the web of community to learn about practical, down-to-earth solutions for a world on the edge.

Throughout this enticing sensory story, you will encounter many archetypal characters as they reveal insights into plant medicines, permaculture, urban reclamation, waste reintegration, ritual and celebration, education, community living, travel, technology, and environmentalism. Together, we will unearth an Ecosexual perspective in nature, exploring the sensuous intersection between sexuality and ecological activism. Through this lens, we shift the childhood relationship to the Mother, step through our collective rite of passage, and embody our coming of age with Lover Earth.

Rise into love and dive through the grief of the undulating rollercoaster that is the life of this story. What is it that gives rise to this feeling of love in the first place? And what place does love have in a world on the verge of collapse, ruined by the insatiable appetite of an unstoppable world devouring machine?”

Excerpt from Chapter One: Night

I close my eyes for a moment and feel into the ancestral stardust of my earthly body, with its diversity of molecules once given form through the life and death of generations of celestial cores. I think about my animal organism materializing through the alchemical coalescence of earth elements: my muscles twining together through aeons of impulsive evolution, my bones forged from volcanic release of the earth’s deepest creative impulses, my blood flow springing forth from the circulating currents of water, my breath given life by the generous reciprocation of the air, and my spiritual passions ignited by the fires of rebirth. Each element of my earthly existence is a result of the orgasmic energetic intercourse taking place within the hearts of stars long forgotten. We are the bridge between the earth beneath our feet and the stars peeking down from above.

I open my eyes and let the perfectly translucent, biological crystal lens of my vision fully receive the light from the stars dancing overhead. Could the light they offer be providing our earthly organisms with information we have forgotten in this age of widespread light pollution? What are we missing when we disconnect from the primordial source-stars of our dreams, the celestial beings made visible only through the embrace of Night and shadow? The thoughts in my head dissipate into the air as I allow the stars to see me fully; the sensation of vulnerability feels similar to that of a deep gaze in total presence with a lover. The labels, stories, and explanations of my mind drift along, giving way to a refreshing sense of direct communion with these ancient beings of the Night. It’s as if all the stories and teachings I received to explain what these sparks of imagination and wonder are were simply impeding my ability to listen to their silent messages of  wisdom. I plant a seed within my awareness; whenever I have children of my own, I will offer them more questions than answers when we gaze at the stars together…

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