Elemental Awakening

Elemental Awakening This is a piece my partner Jade and I wrote for the opening of our workshop we created last summer for our tour, called Elemental Awakening. I thought I would post it and I hope you enjoy it! Lots of inspiration from Phil Osophical and Terrance McKenna 🙂   Fire. Water. Air. Earth. Throughout the ages, civilizations have recognized and honoured our sacred connection to the elements. It […]

Sacred Economics at Motion Notion

Here is the download or stream link to the  raw audio from my Sacred Economics presentation at Motion Notion festival on July 19th, 2012. Sacred Economics with Sky It was pouring rain and the bass was pumping in the backgroundI (kinda sounds like a heartbeat!) to give it the real, festival feel :-p I will be presenting the latest version of the workshop at Shambhala Music Festival on August 13th, 2012 at […]

Links to Past Talks

Here are the links to my past talks I have done at our Evolver Calgary Convergences and monthly Spores – I would love to hear your thoughts about them! I would also love to connect if you are interested in what I have to say <3 Enjoy! Living Lucid: Enter the Dreamworld  -> An exploration into lucid dreaming techniques, definitions, possibilities, and tips for dreamers at any level Introduction to […]