This year’s nature art collection is dedicated to the trees of our beloved Earth. To me, the bounty of the forest is found in its intrinsic beauty and wild mystery – a trove of treasure awaiting any eager explorer’s discovery. Life in the forest pulses and thrives through the unseen web of nutrient sharing, the root and mycelium-facilitated transference of information, the generous flow and cycles of water, the deep drinks of our solar offering, and the perpetual dance of our shared atmospheric brew. Each of these rhythms align to create the majesty we call a tree; and, as we will discover, it is more useful to see the forest as a unified whole, rather than as a single tree in isolation.

This fifth-annual, artistic offering features:

-> Fifteen high resolution photographs of 2018’s nature art creations 

-> Features urban parks in Calgary, AB, ancient forests near Victoria, BC, and many wild locations on Vancouver Island.

-> Coloured, calendar grids with annual holidays, moon cycles, and eclipses

-> Inspirational quotes, stories, and fun forest facts each month to engage the heart and expand the mind.

-> Digital copies of the photos from both calendar versions with a behind-the-scene story for each month emailed to your inbox through the year

-> NEW this year: 10% of proceeds are being donated to the Ancient Forest Alliance – Working to protect BC’s endangered old-growth forests and ensure a sustainable, second-growth forest industry.

You can find the full collection of last year’s calendar here at this link

There are two versions available to choose from:

  1. Straight Up Earth (raw nature art photos)
  2. Cosmic Edition (nature art blended with space photography)

Samples from the same month are shown to compare each version. The “Straight Up Earth” is the one on the right and the “Cosmic Edition” is the one below on the left.


You can find sample photos from each version here in my Imgur gallery

There are three reciprocation choices for the calendars:

1. Kick Back – One for $20 or two for $30

2. Around the Corner – $25 – you get one and I gift one to someone who cannot afford it.

3. Gift – we all have times when our money is needed elsewhere. If this is the case for you, let me know and I can send you one around the corner. Last year, 42 people received a gifted calendar thanks to the generosity of others around the corner.

*Note – Please add $3 for shipping in Canada (if needed outside of Calgary) or $7 for US shipping.

You can contact me here to request your order, or just send an etransfer to, along with your requested versions, quantities, and your email so I can contact you for follow up.


The mystery and curiosity evoked by these ancient elders compel my devotional engagement and empower me to share their whispers of a more beautiful world. This art is my humble offering to that which gives endlessly unto our dreams. May the photos speak to the love in your heart and inspire you to interact with the wilds of nature. Just as a tree can only thrive with the support of the forest, I too am only able to share these fruits due to the support of others in my art. And for your generosity, I thank you.

May my art serve as a reminder of the beauty of the wild, the potential of co-creating with nature, and the healing power of a curiosity for the unknown.


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