The circadian rhythms of day and night are a shared experience for all life on Earth. In a world that seems to amplify our differences, perhaps there is opportunity to dig deep and uncover more of our common ground from which we can grow new agreements. The antidote to division is curiosity; What is it like to be you? While it may not be possible to know another’s experience directly, this question aligns us with the direction of empathy and towards an understanding of the totality of influences that direct another’s choices.

If we open our hearts to this curious exploration, for both each other and the larger web of nature, perhaps we can find new rhythms to synchronize with in the co-creation of a more beautiful world.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious

“Grief for the dying world is what is required for the world not to die. Grief is the full realization of the preciousness of what is being lost. Without this understanding, we will never change our ways enough to protect life. It must be held as sacred. A forest is not just a collection of living trees – it is itself alive. The soil is not just a medium in which life grows; the soil is alive. So is a river, a reef, and a sea. Just as it is a lot easier to degrade, to exploit, and to kill a person when one sees the victim as less than human, so too it is easier to kill Earth’s beings when we see them as unliving and unconscious already. The clearcuts, the strip mines, the drained swamps, the oil spills, and so on are inevitable when we see Earth as a dead thing, insensate, an instrumental pile of resources. Our stories are powerful. If we see the world as dead, we will kill it.
And if we see the world as alive, we will learn how to serve its healing.”

~ Charles Eisenstein ~

Celebrating 10 Years Together!

Welcome to the 10th-annual celebration of my nature art calendars! I am excited to share this year’s collection as a compilation of the best from the last decade of making art with nature. My deepest gratitude to everyone that has been a part of supporting my art to this point and beyond. It means the world to me. This year’s calendar features a collection of 15 visual treats, in natural suites, to awaken your heart-beats.

  • Fifteen, high-resolution photographs of Skye’s top creative collaborations with Earth and Space over the last decade
  • The photos feature both wild and urban parks in Calgary, Alberta, Malaysia, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and California
  • 13 months of coloured, calendar grids – with holidays, lunar cycles, and eclipses for each month of 2024
  • Inspirational thoughts and stories each month, written by Skye, to open your heart and inspire your mind
  • Digital photos from both versions of the calendar (Earth and Cosmic to pick from– details below), with an expanded story excerpt from each month’s quote – emailed to your inbox on the 1st of each month
  • 10% of proceeds are being donated to the Ancient Forest Alliance working to protect the old growth forests of British Columbia.

You can find the full collection of the past nine years of Cosmic calendars here at this link (along with my entire archives in the other albums on the flickr page)

There are two versions available to choose from:

  1. Earth Edition (nature art photos only)
  2. Cosmic Edition (nature art photos, digitally blended with space photography)

Samples from the same month are shown here to compare each version. The “Earth Edition” is the one on the right and the “Cosmic Edition” is the one below on the left. There are two more comparative samples on the bottom of this page.

There are three reciprocation choices for the calendars, to balance accessibility to you and sustainability for my work:

1. Kick Back – One calendar for $20, or two for $30

2. Around the Corner – $25 – you get one calendar and I gift one to someone who cannot afford it.

3. Gift – we all have times when our money is needed elsewhere and I don’t want a lack of funds to prevent you from enjoying the art. If this is the case for you, let me know and I can send you one from “around the corner”. Last year, 22 people received a gifted calendar thanks to the generosity of others.

*Note – Please add $4 (for one calendar), $5 (for two calendars) for shipping in Canada or $7 for US shipping.

You can contact me here with this form to request your orderor simply send an etransfer to, along with your requested versions, quantities, and your email so I can contact you for follow up.


Would you like to receive more nature art and story-telling goodies through the rest of the year? Check out my Patreon page – and anyone who signs up as a Patron (any tier) during the month of October will receive a 2024 calendar as a gift of gratitude for your support. Check out the link here for more details and to be a part of the growing community of Earth lovers! (You can also simply ‘follow’ my patreon page if you are not able to financially support at this time)

*If you would like to simply join the monthly mailing list for the digital photos and stories, you may do so by clicking here to fill out the quick contact form.

Just as a tree can only thrive with the support of the forest, I too am only able to share these creative fruits due to the support of my mission by people like you. I thank you for however you feel inspired to reciprocate and keep the gifts flowing. May my art serve as a reminder of the beauty of the wild, the joy of co-creating with nature, and the healing power of a curiosity for the unknown. May the photos speak to the love of Earth in your heart and inspire your sense of enchantment and wonder – for every act of caring for one is an act of healing for all.

— with gratitude, Skye