Embarking on a New Chapter

  Embarking on a New Chapter   Deep into the future, tangled in the past, Gaia has it’s only wish of balance unsurpassed. Colours showing strength, and odour has its place, one giant living organism, balancing in space. Connected are its children, striving for the best, its lungs are drawing breaths of air, and filling out its chest. No need to think or focus, or manifest what’s not, the line […]

Letting Go of the Safe Shore

Letting Go of the Safe Shore Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end Words are not nearly adequate enough for me to express how I am feeling after the final celebratory weekend at Eden’s Cove. Like waves crashing on the shore, I am cycling through a smorgasbord of mixed emotions as each day passes by, deepening the realization of transition. While I cannot speak for others, I am […]