Subjectivity and Storyteller Consciousness

Subjectivity and Storyteller Consciousness   When we seek outside of ourselves we carry the hidden assumption that our own inner knowing is not to be trusted. Being deprived of the opportunity to develop our individual decision making authority, the space to test boundaries and make mistakes, we become paralyzed with indecision and crippled with disempowerment later in life. Do I go with life path A, or life path B? What […]

Shout it Out

Shout it out…let it ring. Say what you got to say, or better yet sing. Shout it out…let it rise. You’re never going to wake up unless you open those eyes. Movement underground is what makes the earth shake so much, Movin’ around is gonna cause an earthquake. You may never know it if you’re just living on the surface, You gotta get your hands dirty, You gotta dig for your purpose. Not […]