Western Guilt Culture

  Western Guilt Culture   It was a hot, humid evening in the Amazonian jungle of Peru. The date marked the shortest of the year in the Southern Hemisphere: the Winter Solstice of 2011. I was sitting on a pillow at the edge of my mattress, which was one of twenty-three in a circle covering the floor of the Maloka. The Shipibo Maestras and Maestros (female and male “Shamans”)were still […]

Give Yourself Permission Part One

Give Yourself Permission Part One Last June I found myself being drawn to experience what it was like to fast for an extended period of time. Over the course of the two days of juicing and the seven days of only water, I remembered some incredible insights about my relationship with my body. I say ‘remembered’ because I believe that all we are really doing in this life is remembering, […]