Give Yourself Permission Part One

Give Yourself Permission Part One


Last June I found myself being drawn to experience what it was like to fast for an extended period of time. Over the course of the two days of juicing and the seven days of only water, I remembered some incredible insights about my relationship with my body. I say ‘remembered’ because I believe that all we are really doing in this life is remembering, not learning, what we have only forgotten at some point in the past. I have had intentions to share a few of my lessons; however I am only today releasing a blockage (thanks to the vocal attunement journey last night) around my writing which I have been carrying for some time. I would like to share them with you now.

There exists within us the only real and accurate life compass we will ever need.

This ‘life compass’ goes by many names: intuition, body consciousness, your higher self, universal consciousness, moral compass, spirit, heart, etc. It is the knowing that exists buried deep within you. It is the silent voice that tells you not to hurt others, to be honest, to be kind, or to talk to a person you feel drawn to. It is our true moral compass which we ALL come equipped with, and in my views it makes law completely irrelevant (topic for another discussion). It is the indicator that tells you whether or not you are walking your path – doing what you love – giving back your gift. Most relevant to this blog: it is the body that tells you what you should and should not put into it. We have become so cut off from this source of wisdom that most of us don’t event know it exists.

The majority of the food we eat is redundant and cuts us off from our inner compass.

Most typical (if there is such a thing) Western diets are high on quantity and low on quality. We go into meals looking for it to taste good and fill us up. The result is massive servings, heavy foods, and empty calories for that quick fix. When our bodies become weighed down (both physically from the extra weight and energetically due to the digestive process) we become denser, a slower vibration – further disconnected from our inner direction. No longer listening, we fail to hear when our body tells us when we are full and whether or not to eat a particular food. No longer connected, we take longer detours off of our true path, our path of true fulfillment. No longer feeling ful-FILLED, we go after food to fill us up, to ease the emptiness, which only add fuel to this cycle of disconnection. To break this vicious cycle we need to eat with intention; to choose quality over quantity. Learn about the food you are ingesting and decide for yourself if you want to put it into your body. The quality of the energy going in equals the quality of the energy coming out.

You BECOME what you eat. Literally.

We have all heard the phrase, “you are what you eat”, but how many of us have actually stopped to really think about what that means? At a fundamental base level, it means that the atoms of the food you are ingesting are being used as building material for new cell generation. Where does all of the cellular material for a developing fetus come from? It comes from the food the mother is eating. Your entire body is a constantly changing organism; swapping out old material for new. In fact, every single cell in your ENTIRE body is new after seven years. From this perspective it is easy to understand the potentially high risks of eating genetically modified organisms (GMO); if you are ingesting genetically modified/mutated DNA, how do you think that will affect your DNA? {I will be writing my next blog on this important topic}. As your cells receive nutrients from your food, they produce daughter cells that are more receptive (craving) toward the nutrients they have already received. This is part of the reason it is so difficult to break eating habits and another factor in why we are so cut off from being able to tell what our body really needs.

Learn how your body communicates.

Our bodies consistently demonstrate a high level of intelligence that would surprise most people. The reason for this surprise is because we are never taught how to listen to it. Our body absolutely communicates information to us; we just don’t understand it’s language. Most obviously, this communication is happening when we have a runny nose, when we have allergic reactions, when we feel nauseous, when we feel tired and sluggish, or when we have a headache. These are signals from our body telling us an important message. I’m not going to attempt to tell you what those messages are, I believe they are whatever you make of them upon inner reflection. Perhaps you are doing too much, perhaps you shouldn’t eat dairy, perhaps if you break your leg (there are no accidents!) you are not walking your true path. When we are cut off from this communication and when we don’t know how our body communicates with us, we end up pushing our sacred vessel to the limits; often creating more suffering for ourselves. This is why it is imperative to take it one step beyond the listening – you must then make conscious change!

Start a food journal <3

This is a very simple process – grab a small notebook to carry with you. Record everything you eat and when you eat it. Then make sure to listen and observe your body feelings – again, record everything you are feeling. Are you tired, bloated, gassy, nauseous, irritated, short tempered, happy, loving, or energized? As you take notes on your bodily sensations and feelings, you will be able to look back over a week or two and try to find correlations between food you ate and how you felt. Over time as you mix up some food, you will be able to find out the foods your body needs and the foods your body does not need. Food is our medicine – it is supposed to make us feel energized, joyous, and excited for life!

Remember to have your own experience! We are all unique and have different needs!

Wishing you all happiness and health on your journey!

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