Sacred Economics at Motion Notion

Here is the download or stream link to the  raw audio from my Sacred Economics presentation at Motion Notion festival on July 19th, 2012. Sacred Economics with Sky It was pouring rain and the bass was pumping in the backgroundI (kinda sounds like a heartbeat!) to give it the real, festival feel :-p I will be presenting the latest version of the workshop at Shambhala Music Festival on August 13th, 2012 at […]

Free Flowin’ Session 2

I was hit with another spark of inspiration today that I decided to use in order to plow through my fears of doing this podcast. I apologize for the background wind noise – I will try to be in a quiet place next time but there is no way to plan for sudden inspiration 😉 This next free flow (no planning) session I recorded on Wednesday, May 23rd is about biking, privacy, […]

First Podcast – Free Flowin’ Session

After much  internal conflict I finally overcame my excuses and went for my first podcast episode. I have been wanting to create a podcast for a while now and didn’t know where to start so I figured I should just do it and see where it goes. This is a free flow (no planning) session I recorded on Friday, April 27th about life, death, the universe, truth, paradox, community, and everything […]