The Circle of Gratitude: Part Three – Planting the Platform

  This is the third Part of The Circle of Gratitude Story series. Be sure to check out the Whole overview and introduction here. Full archives at the bottom of the post.   The Circle of Gratitude is a platform for people to create gift relationships within a community of individuals desiring to support each other.   The Circle of Gratitude is a dream that has been evolving over the […]

Releasing the Creative Flow of Money – Part One: Universal Living Allowance

Releasing the Creative Flow of Money Part One: Universal Living Allowance   {This is the first part of a series I am releasing in the creation of a new story of money and the fulfillment of my dream to unleash the infinite creativity I am reflected back every day through inspiring individuals. If this topic interests you, I invite you to contact me to amplify our creative potential.} What would […]

A Double Dose of Ascension: Deconstructing the Paradigm of Growth Through Story

A Double Dose of Ascension: Deconstructing the Paradigm of Growth Through Story   What is the underlying goal of humanity? Is there an unspoken assumption that is driving our relentless technological evolution and value of progress? Perhaps humanity is too large of an umbrella to use and it would be more appropriate to call it “Western Society”. Then again, the story of which I speak is apparently visible in nearly […]

New Paradigm Relationship: Rooting His

New Paradigm Relationship: Rooting His {This is part two of a three part, mirrored series on New Paradigm Relationship} Links for  – Part One: Seeding, Part Two: Rooting, Part Three: Watering Once we have seeded the awareness of a deeper connection with our intimate partners through the mutual sharing of truth, we have taken the first step in embodying the qualities of a new paradigm relationship. This type of relationship personifies the characteristics of […]

A Shambhala Lifetime

  A Shambhala Lifetime   I emerge from a whirlwind of intensity – kicked into the trenches, dragged through the mud, rinsed clean in the currents, and uplifted to soar on the clouds of the festival experience. Freed from the social constraints of our box world, a journey of individual and collective metamorphosis was inevitable. Together, in the forest, under the stars,  and among the mountains, we gathered to celebrate a […]

Ripples of Effect

Ripples of Effect  “How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.” – Anne Frank A question that I often ask myself is, “how can I make the biggest difference in the world?” The magnitude of change required now to steer humanity back onto the path of natural balance is calling forth each of our individual gifts. Indeed, the steps required to repair our home […]

My 100 Days of Personal Transformation Experiment

My 100 Day Personal Transformation Experiment One of my long standing core beliefs that I have done my best to embody throughout my life is the understanding that a fundamental reason we are here on this planet is to grow, learn, create, make mistakes, explore, and evolve ourselves, our relationships, our consciousness, our understanding of the world, our understanding of our Selves, and ultimately, where we fit in all of […]