The Circle of Gratitude: Part Three – Planting the Platform


This is the third Part of The Circle of Gratitude Story series. Be sure to check out the Whole overview and introduction here. Full archives at the bottom of the post.


The Circle of Gratitude is a platform for people to create gift relationships within a community of individuals desiring to support each other.


The Circle of Gratitude is a dream that has been evolving over the last while and one in which I desire to co-create with others. I presented the above sentence in the first post of the series, along with a breakdown of each key word related to the story. In these subsequent posts I will expand further upon each word with the intention of creating greater clarity within myself and others through story, rhyme, and colourful illustrations. Enjoy the adventure!



Part Three: Planting the Platform


Platform – A foundation to build upon. Like a story. Preferably a permaculture greenhouse, that way we can also let it grow organically. Or maybe a website and phone app. Yeah, that would make it easy to connect! Anyone want to help?

Verse 1

For quite some time now, this tribe on a planet oh-so distant,

had been constructing and designing their solutions slightly aslant.

“We can’t! We shan’t!” They chant, rant, and pant, “How can we possibly transplant?”

“When every attempt seems to only exacerbate the current toxicant?”

Verse 2

A top-down implementation had been their only recommendation,

while forgetting the sophistication of a deep relation to mystification,

the physical being the only verification, the result, a complete domestication,

a forgetting of our interrelation, a blindness to our total unification.

Verse 3

It took a devoted dissenter to suggest a trust in natural growth,

a deep remembrance of the reflective truth in both,

our oath, to not loathe, our need to re-clothe,

the mind of control, and to allow for new undergrowth.

Verse 4

Through the power of observation, the tribe allowed for the dream’s incubation,

the natural propagation, the releasing of expectation.

No more need for medication, for the balanced application,

of a peaceful mediation, carried the tribe into a new story of collective liberation.



I look forward to connecting with you if you see/hear/feel yourself in this story. Follow the breadcrumbs. Thank you for your support/shares/feedback/monitude along this journey.  ::)

Skye Dreamer


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(P.S. I wrote of this story in the past some time ago – although the concept has evolved, feel free to explore the archives for more of the back-story about living in the gift and the Circle of Gratitude – The Circle of Gratitude: Seeding the HeartThe Circle of Gratitude, Uniting Work and Play Through the Gift: Part One and Part Two). 

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