A Shambhala Lifetime



A Shambhala Lifetime


I emerge from a whirlwind of intensity – kicked into the trenches, dragged through the mud, rinsed clean in the currents, and uplifted to soar on the clouds of the festival experience. Freed from the social constraints of our box world, a journey of individual and collective metamorphosis was inevitable. Together, in the forest, under the stars,  and among the mountains, we gathered to celebrate a lifetime within a weekend. Together, we create(d) the magical kingdom of Shambhala.


Beginning with our arrival, the festival nurtures the newly born infants as we timidly observe the strange and beautiful world we have entered. We are grateful for the loving support; we feel safe. A home is found, a family created; the excited children, overcome by curiosity and a desire to explore the world venture forth. With our trusting innocence and grounding courage we jump in with both feet.


Who will I find?

Where will I go?

What will I see?


With wide eyes and a happy face, the children of Shambhala learn to navigate this magical space.

Imagination and play run abound, while we get lost into incredible sound.

Such strange sights and an abundance of smells, I think that is a magician casting heart-opening spells!

Giving to strangers, with no expectation of return, this gifting way I need to relearn.

If a place such as this really exists, what other beauty on this Earth have I possibly missed?


As the youth learn to trust the community support, we cannot help but uncover the full and vibrant colours of honest self-expression. With the blossoming of this natural inner beauty, sparks of attraction ignite and hearts are opened again to the depths of love. Through love and loss, high and low, illness and health, the adults of the gathering mature and desire to co-create with their unique gifts. How can I give in this moment? What value do I have to offer?


Letting go of controlling moments, we learn to play within the flow of synchronicity and spontaneous emergence of possibility. Could it be that the most effective way to find someone, is to stop looking for them? In this release we are free to give of our deepest self. In this acceptance, we bow deeper into the service of that which wants to be created through us. In this trust, we open to possibility.


Approaching the end of the weekend brings new wisdom to the now elder Warriors of Shambhala. We have danced our offerings to the Earth, to our ancestors, to our grandchildren’s children. Our bodies are well worn, our emotions rung out, our minds in reboot, but most importantly, our hearts opened and our spirits uplifted. Feeling the end of this lifetime together brings new awareness and an inner peace. We cried together, laughed together, celebrated together, fought together, grew together, healed together, lived together, loved together, and died together.


This too, shall pass.

What do you choose to carry with you?

Remember to water the seeds so they can one day blossom.




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