My Vision

A world exists within the hearts and minds of every human being. It is the world that our hearts whisper silently to us about; a world our minds often doubt is possible. This world is already here, yet still awaiting to be fully birthed. It is felt as a calling to return to a state of being we have forgotten, but never really lost. You can see it in the dance of light, shimmering over water. You can feel it in the cool breeze on a hot summer day. You can hear it at sunrise when the birds sing you awake. As we open to the unfolding of this dream we realize there is nothing to learn, only that which need be remembered. Day by day, moment by moment, the seeds are being planted and we are finding the others. Together we are creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Together, we create the World of the Gift.

I dream of a world where all people join together in celebration of a common, underlying unity. A world where the boundaries of Self are expanded to include the “other”, rendering the very idea of violence forgotten. A world where generosity and flow dissolve accumulation, gifting replaces transaction, gratitude becomes the new currency, community is our security, laughter is shared daily, and spontaneous creative play is our deepest inspiration. No longer is life viewed as a struggle to survive, but instead a playground for our dreams to thrive and imaginations to run wild.

We all have our distinctive piece to contribute to this more beautiful world. This contribution is expressed through our gifts – the unique creative capacities that bring excitement to our lives when we offer them in service to something larger than ourselves. It is when our passions connect  with our talents and time dissolves as we merge with the creative process we are participating in. Through this alignment with our gifts and contribution to the greater whole we are filled with a renewed sense of purpose, elation, meaning, and fulfillment sorely lacking in today’s world.

Our hearts carry the ember of this world so that it can be reignited when its time has come.

The only way we are going to create a world where all are free and empowered in the discovery, growth, and giving back of our unique gifts, is to start living it. This happens one step at a time; each step at the edge of our comfort zone. We build the necessary bridges with the courage to trust ourselves and our community. This is an inevitable global blossom as the seeds of community are watered with loving gratitude. In this world, our community creates the web of relationships that mutually support one another in the expression of our deepest passions.

Do we dare believe that the time is Now?

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