Dreaming Awake


Praise for Dreaming Awake:

“Your book is amazing! I can’t put it down!” — Ocian Flo, Sound Alchemist and Frequency Femme Fatale

“Intriguing, Satisfactory, and Ultimately Inspiring” — Rony Yoc, Mandala Magician and Artist

“I really enjoyed your book Dreaming Awake. I read it within 2 days ((That’s not normal for me))  – I suck at reading but I was in a heightened space of feeling and your book was uplifting and very timely for that point in my Journey.” — Chris W., Fungineer


Entering the Dream

Dreaming Awake chronicles the adventures of a Dreamer-in-training as they discover the freedom and love accessible through a life dedicated to following their dreams. Stuck in a perpetually draining routine within the default world, the Dreamer breaks free through a series of most timely gifts, beginning with the inspirational spark from a friend.  Contained within its pages are words and stories that awaken the Dreamer to the hidden power in following their dreams. With this new found ally and guide we embark on a transformative journey of self discovery to unearth courage, restore magic, and expand possibility in a world teaching otherwise.

Our journey is set in the future, immersed in a world of extreme polarization between all forms of duality. A Tipping Point has been reached and the Watchers have openly emerged in response to the intensifying shift taking place on Earth. While the Watchers play an essential role during the chaotic global re-balancing, this unique time catalyzes opportunity for the gifts of the Dreamer to spring forth and blossom into transformative beauty. It is through the converging of multiple planetary crises that the imaginative visions of Dreamers are called forth with a resounding invitation.

A Dreamer’s Handbookthe book within the book – forms a unifying and guiding thread, weaving through the main journey’s tapestry. Our story is sprinkled with exciting dream sequences that defy traditional definitions of what is possible and what is real. This experiential dissonance allows the Dreamer to release their rigid hold on limiting stories, open to new potentials, and practice the art of dancing with paradoxes. With their rediscovered openness to possibility, magic and wonder return to the Dreamer’s story.

Join a Dreamer-in-training as they encounter numerous archetypal dream characters along the path – including the Wizard, the Lover, and the Mother – who all serve as reminders of what is true within, while encouraging the Dreamer to stay true to their heart’s path. As the adventure unfolds we dive deep into the dark recesses and soar into the majestic heights of the cycling human experience. Truth expands through the Dreamer’s flight into the unknown as they become an active writer, a detached actor, and an intentional singer of their life’s story happening through them in each moment. Will you enter the dream and co-create the canvas with your imagination’s paintbrush?

Welcome home, Dreamer.


Excerpt: Chapter 9 – The Window Within

I am drifting with the winds along the surface of the ocean, completely unaware of the true depth beneath me. Something separates me from the world outside. It is a translucent bubble of comfort keeping me safe and secure, away from the unpredictable and wild world on the other side. I bounce along the water as my visual perception of the outer realm warps with the curvature of the sphere holding me. I float through the waves of life in my surface bubble, protected behind this comforting wall. I bump into other humans within their bubbles, appearing close, yet feeling so far away. My longing to burst the barrier of comfort and dive into the mysterious treasures below rises to my awareness as a feeling of discontent and separation – like a deep need that is never truly satiated. I am not always aware of this need, nor can I typically put words to the experience, but in this moment, I Am. I am reminded of my desire to break free as I watch the nearby dolphins effortlessly playing above and below the surf, celebrating life in each moment. The playful dolphins look like they are in a state of heavenly bliss. But to break through my barrier and burst the bubble – I just can’t swim like they can. What if I drown? What if I am attacked by something dangerous? How would I even start? And why can’t I just be happy in my floating bubble anyways? Everyone else is smiling…

The freedom and love of the dolphin draws me in and amplifies my desire to participate in the co-creative aquatic play. I hear a whisper from within remind me that I too have felt such bliss before and I am meant to feel again. I am told it is as simple as remembering and trusting. I search within for the source of this mysterious wisdom and I am faced with a giant wall of bricks – a sort of internal barrier blocking the source. Where did this towering blockade come from? My overwhelming desire to discover the origin of the ancient whisper begins to crumble the barrier in front of me. It breaks apart from the top down, one brick at a time. What is behind it? I must find out! I want to hear more!

….wait… I know this wall… I know what is hiding within…


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