Embracing the Power of Intention


Embracing the Power of Intention


A Bout With Intent

About a week ago my entire perspective on life changed when I made a major life decision. This decision came after a long period of deliberation and avoidance. Some part of me knew this was the decision I was going to make, yet I found myself denying the possibility because I was avoiding the potential implications of such a choice. Once I acknowledged my choice and fully embraced any and all consequences that might result from making this decision, I felt as though my whole world changed. This is a moment in my life I would identify with as having embodied the masculine force of direction, or what Don Juan Matus calls “having a bout with intent”. I have embraced the intention to leave Calgary and go travelling indefinitely.


For some time now, I have heard stories from people living in a particular way that has fascinated me to no end. We all have stories of moments in our lives when a seemingly miraculous set of circumstances line up in just the right way at just the right time in order to bring about a positive result from a previously disastrous situation. It is being in the flow, it is letting go of worry and doubt, it is trusting, it is opening up to gratitude, it is synchronicity, it is living miracles. I define a miracle as something that is outside of our current understanding, yet possible from a new paradigm. I have tested the waters of this new story wearing the lifejacket of local community, now I am ready to trust the buoyancy of the ocean.


Release and Expand

I have made the decision to release most of my belongings and to travel, following the completion of the lease at Eden’s Cove on April 30th. I do not know where I am going, I do not know how I will get there, and I do not know what I will do when I get there. I am open to possibility, yet grounded and stable in my resolve and acceptance of any outcomes. I believe in the importance of intention and I have been developing a personal mission/purpose behind the travel. This is where I will be playing with the balance of feminine flow with the masculine purpose.


If we do not ever push our comfort zone then we do not ever really get to know who we are. When we maintain a safety bubble around us with family, friends, possessions, or a career, we identify ourselves with these ideas. Who are you after you have stripped all of the illusion away? I learn more about myself when the comfortable safety nets are down and I need to put myself out there. Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. This trip is most certainly in that realm and I feel as though I am at a nice balance between fear and excitement (maybe they are both the same?).


Calgary Magic

There is something magical happening in Calgary that I am infinitely grateful to been a part of. I have written about this in previous blogs, and every day that goes by I am shown more and more of the incredibly beautiful people, unlimited potential, and abundant opportunity blossoming in this city. This story needs to be shared and I am feeling called to share it in the physical realm. The internet has provided us with incredible gifts of communication, creation, and sharing, yet I am noticing a trend of immunity spreading. We are growing tired and overwhelmed with the non-stop barrage of emails, notifications, tweets, invites, messages, and the like. It is information overload. We are craving a more fulfilling balance between the online and offline interactions with our brothers and sisters.


While I am open to all possibilities and attached to none, I am currently intending on travelling east across Canada for a road trip during May and June. This is something I have always wanted to do and would love to make it out to the East coast. I am feeling called to meet and connect the tribes across this beautiful land, and to share the story of what is happening in Calgary (and the West), from my perspective. My intentions/mission for this is something I am still working on, however I am pushing my comfort zone by hitting the road with no definitive plans about where I will go, other than east. I have also put together a workshop to offer at music festivals this summer as my heart is calling me back to the West for July and August. After this, my trip is up in the air; I have not set any dates for my return.


Stepping Into Your Power

This decision is the most difficult one I have made. I anticipate it will become even more challenging as the date approaches and the full realization of the decision comes to fruit. I still need to let go of a lot of attachments and I know it will hurt. This is a trip I have known in my heart that I have needed to make for many years and yet I have been too afraid to acknowledge. The fear of making a mistake was holding me back and causing me to lapse into inaction.


The shift in my life happened after I released my fear of making a mistake and embraced the decision to travel. I am learning to trust and listen to my intuition and the only way I know how to get better is to practice. Travelling is my intuition boot camp. This trip is an expression of me stepping fully into my power, accepting whatever comes my way as a result, and ultimately following my heart in order to manifest my dreams.


Only You Can Live Your Life!

We have no idea how long we will be around for. Setting the intention to leave has really put this notion into perspective for me. Knowing that I am leaving in a month and a half has put me into a place of grateful presence. Each person I talk to, every place I go, every mouthful of food I eat could be my last. In reality, this is always the case – this notion of impermanence has simply mounted itself into my ongoing awareness and I am so grateful for that. Every moment is a gift.


The only thing limiting me and holding me back is me. I realized that no matter how much advice others may give you to help you with your direction, it is ultimately your life to live. Their advice is based off of their experience. It is up to you to decide whether to accept and integrate it, or to jump into the pool and test it yourself. I believe we are transitioning into a new way of being. Old systems are breaking down in order to make way for the new. I am travelling to learn about other pieces of this new puzzle and to share mine.


2013 is the year of manifesting dreams. It is a hope that sharing my story as I travel will help to inspire others to follow their dreams. I am not suggesting that this will manifest as travelling for everyone, but whatever ‘travelling’ represents for you. Where is the edge of your comfort zone? What is something new that you want to learn? What dream have you been putting off? What is a baby step you can take in that direction? I will be writing more about my intentions in the future, for now, please know that you have my utmost love and support on your own unique and beautiful path.


With love,


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