Entering Right Relationship

right relationship

Entering Right Relationship

Humming in the background of the collective dreamscape is the eternal invitation into life. This pervasive provocation is the gatekeeper to a Dreamer’s opportunity to enter into acceptance and right relationship. The sacred imperative, let there be light, propels us through the fractals of darkness as we remember and enter into the World of the Gift.

Isn’t language fun?

What stories are you choosing to embody?

Like a wave crashing upon the shores of our destiny, endlessly cycling and repeating the One Story embodied in infinite expressions, we remember to transform and alchemize our fears with the sovereign choice to embody our deepest truths. I learn to observe and absorb the stories and patterns as they arise within. I learn to listen with humility to the external reflections of the inner truths I choose to live. No longer the victim. I choose to take responsibility for my state of being and life situation. Only in total and complete acceptance can the actor remember the true script. This is where choice merges with intention and we begin to consciously act through decision. There is no right, there is no wrong. There is no good, there is no bad. There is only choice. Do you choose to hit repeat or do you choose to say Yes to the new?

We are All Our Relations

Examine any part of the whole and we quickly realize the nature of our existence is entirely relational. It is the space in between and the way in which we respond to and act from that space that fuels the feedback loop of our experience. We are All Our Relations. Is it any wonder that when we are not aware of the ocean of relationships in which we are immersed that we feel alone, isolated, and lonely? You are never alone. I Am because You Are.

Hello! So Nice to See You

The shadow of our collective forgetting is manifested in the mirrors of the world around us. When I believe that I am only me, I cannot see that I Am we. We are the extras in another’s movie. We are playing the parts necessary for our collective remembering. This space of connection is where we become aware that we are observing the observer. There is no choice because there is no “one” choosing. Will you become the demon and embody the shadow for me to see?

The World of the Gift

Stop compromising your needs in relationship. End the projections of your own shit. It’s all you. Own it. A wave of jealousy hits me. What a gift! What a space to explore! A chance to see myself more clearly. An opportunity to smudge away the blemishes and spit shine the mirrors in this fun house. Now it is betrayal. A hole in my chest exploding with pain. On the other side and underneath, peace.

Free flowing feminine suppression is over. Embrace it. Love it. It’s not about you. Stop taking it personally. The external object that has catalyzed your transition is not to blame. It is not that person. It is not your boss. It is not the dishes. It is not the money. It is not the behaviour. It is not the action. It is not the inaction. Can you see the gifts? Can you receive them?

Enter Community

Once we detach from our experience and hold our stories loosely we are ready to enter into the intimacy of community. This is the container from which we receive the unconditional love our shadow so desperately craves. This is where we learn to tune into our needs of acceptance, love, trust, intimacy, and support. In the face of this unconditional love and in the presence of vulnerable courage, the darkness emerges to receive this acceptance and transformation from the light of conscious awareness. This is why we seem to always “hurt the ones we love”. Energy flows the path of least resistance. It is because those who love us have entered into agreement. This is the soul contract we all have. This is the invitation we are to hold for each other. Yes, I will be your medicine. Yes, I will receive yours. Thank you for your reflection.

Remembering Wholeness

Community starts with me. Community starts with you. You are perfect, whole, and complete in all ways in all moments. This is not because you are free from fear. This is not because you are only light. You are perfect and whole because you are imperfect and incomplete. It is within the space of meaninglessness that we find meaning. Through the purposelessness we uncover purpose.

Does anyone else have difficulty expressing unity through a language that is inherently dualistic? Make love to the paradoxes. Dance with duality.

What are your needs?

You have the courage and support to explore this question. Check in with what is true for you. Dig to the roots of the story you have chosen and unearth the terrain beyond the map. Fill the lines with colour and expand beyond. Connect the dots and click the pieces together. The breadcrumbs you have left for yourself are always there, awaiting the eyes to see, ears to hear, and heart to feel. As we open to the exchange of our stories we find the picture we are painting together becoming all the more beautiful and vibrant through our creative imaginations.

Welcome Home


(This is {His Story} of a Mirrored, two-part reflection piece. You can read {Her Story} by the vivacious Jenny Lvoe at this link)

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