Spontaneous Gifting

Spontaneous Gifting

More for you is more for me.

This is one of the fundamental principles of a gifting economy. It embodies the recognition of our interconnection and oneness with all other beings. If I have more than I need, I am happy to give to you in your time of need, trusting that the abundance of this world will return to me when I am in need. Letting go easily of that which I do not currently need reflects an attitude abundance and requires a mature consciousness of trust.

Living these insights requires constant attention and daily practice. We so easily slip back into our past programming of competition and perception of scarcity. Yet when we practice this letting go, this trusting, we begin to develop our ability to connect with this abundant flow. We slowly realize that financial freedom is really a state of mind, not a large bank account.

Gifting, when done with the right intentions, creates positive feelings between both the giver and the receiver. The more the gift fulfills a real need, the more connected the parties feel and the stronger the relationship is made. It is important that a gift be an authentic, heartfelt gift. Giving with the intention of ‘getting more’ in return or giving in order to ‘be good’ are not truly authentic.

Lately I have been discovering that the most authentic gifts arise during spontaneous opportunities of gifting. They are the moments when someone comments on how much they love a piece of artwork you have or how much they were meaning to get that book you bought. This practice of spontaneous gifting requires one to be vigilant for the little comments people make about something that you have.

I have always admired the women in my life (most notably my mom) for being able to remember comments such as these and to hold onto them as Christmas presents. The spontaneous gift, however, does not wait until this forced, culturally coordinated time of gifting (nor should a gift wait if the need present now). The next time you catch someone expressing a need you can fill, or admiring something you have, check in with yourself and ask whether or not you really need it. Perhaps it is a perfect opportunity to strengthen your relationship and give a gift to someone you care about. If it feels right and you won’t carry any resentment for letting the gift go, then pass the flow on, and build your trust in abundance.

My lessons in spontaneous gifting have been given to me recently when I have ignored my impulse to give. There have been a few opportunities where I felt the desire to give and resisted the urge out of selfishness, only to later lose the item I wanted to give. The most meaningful and inspirational moments of giving have arisen when I have followed my impulse to give spontaneously.

The only way for abundance to flow into your life with ease is for it to flow out just as easily. Nature abhors a vacuum and is never stagnant. When you align your life with freely giving and open receiving, you align yourself with the natural flow of the universe and you will always have exactly what you need.

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