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As the sun sets below the horizon, night envelopes until a new dawn. Dreamers ride the wings of potential and unleash their imaginations upon the open dreamscape. Within the expansive sphere of dream consciousness the Dreamer awakens to the collective dream. Guided by the body and fueled by inspiration we are propelled through an evolving eternal moment with a single pervasive opportunity to choose.

The Art of Dreaming is the ability to expand one’s awareness into novel potentials of creativity and the capacity to manifest a dream’s vision into reality. A Dreamer’s Handbook is a visual journey through the thirteen gateways of dreaming and provides Dreamers with insights, directions, affirmations, inspirations, intentions, and allies to assist with both waking and sleeping dream states.

This handbook is intended to aid in the identification, healing, transmutation, and release of the learned barriers that keep a Dreamer from using the imagination’s paintbrush to create with vibrant colours on life’s canvas. Using symbolic visuals, both in image and in word, A Dreamer’s Handbook serves as a remembrance of our collective capacity to create beauty and wonder on Earth. We dream the new dawn together.


Praise for A Dreamer’s Handbook:

Thank you so much for sharing your dreamers handbook with me, Ive enjoyed immensely reading it. Especially before bed. It keeps me so warm and hopeful to hear such resonant and affirming words that I’m totally not alone in the journeys I go through in my mind and that they Are real to me therefore they are real and that no matter what some will say and doubt that I can trust my journey.

— Sarah, Nature Nurse and Forest Fairy


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