Circle of Gratitude: Seeding the Heart

seeding heart

Circle of Gratitude

Seeding the Heart


By recognizing the creative power our stories receive from the agreements we make about our world, we take the first step in becoming the authors of our lives and actors of our story. Once we start observing the language we use to report our lives happening to us, the pattern is broken, and we remember that it is our intention behind the language we use, that creates our lives, happening through us. Our collective agreements form the foundations of stories like ‘government’, ‘nation’, ‘religion’, ‘education’, ‘history’, ‘medicine’, ‘corporation’, ‘energy’, and ‘economy’. The Circle of Gratitude is a seed to sprout the new agreements and ultimately blossom into a new story of money.


When a gift generates gratitude in a gifting culture, the receiver presents a token of their gratitude, often symbolizing generosity and creating status within the community. Gratitude is the feeling of having received a gift and the desire to give in return. Individuals are internally motivated to help others in their time of need through the gratitude created in authentic giving and open receiving.  The heart of the Circle of Gratitude is the alignment of money with the feeling of gratitude by inspiring financial flow in the spirit of the gift. What happens when we use the symbol of money as a gift to support those we are grateful for?


One core element of the Circle of Gratitude is the sharing of stories about the gifting and receiving of money. It is these stories that break down our current worldview of separation – of only seeking to maximize our ‘rational self-interest’. They plant the seeds of a new story of connection and interbeing. To quote Charles Eisenstein:  “That my being partakes of your being and that of all beings. This goes beyond interdependency – our very existence is relational.” Witnessing such exchange in community inspires and empowers each of us to step together into the creative play of new stories.


I have created a facebook group for the sharing of such stories. Please feel free to join and invite, not add, your friends. If you are interested in playing with this idea I would love to hear about your experiences with it. Remember, the heart of the experimenting is the feeling of gratitude; give because you are grateful; give to feel good, not to be good.


Larger Vision

I have written in the past about my dream to reunite work and play by using money, given through gratitude, to free the creative potential of individuals desiring to discover and give their unique gifts to the world. While still fairly raw, this idea is one flower I am excited to see as the Circle of Gratitude grows with the water of our stories. I am open to feedback on the tuning and focusing of the grander vision of the Circle of Gratitude. If this is something you desire to help with, please let me know!


For my earlier exploration of the Circle of Gratitude, please follow this link to the first blog on the idea.




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