Emerging Earth


Emerging Earth


There is a shift occurring in my home city that I believe is reflecting a larger shift occurring on the whole planet. Each day brings forth more signs that a growing number of people are seeking change. This past week alone I have received invitations to, or heard of, a half dozen meetings taking place to discuss the immense task of changing many of the structures that influence our lives. These meetings consist of people who desire to gather others who are dreaming big dreams, in an effort to collectively design and manifest those dreams.


These coalescing groups all seem to be addressing very similar topics. In the broadest sense, they aim to restructure many of our institutions (education, financial, health care, etc.), to incorporate success metrics we know are important and are often ignored (happiness, real wealth, community), and to create a society that provides a support network for all beings on Earth to thrive. Not the simplest of tasks. Taking a step back to re-think our society from the ground up is becoming more necessary each day as we sense into the growing feeling that we as a species are capable of so much more. We have the solutions, resources, and capacities to address the problems we are facing, but only if we face them together.


I have been grateful for my position in this creation process thus far. I see incredibly creative ideas manifesting through passionate individuals coming together. I feel the courage and commitment to take a forward leap into something new. I hear the inspiring stories of smooth success and the wisdom rich stories of bumpy roads. We are coalescing into larger groups each day, and although we speak different languages and use different words, we are all saying the same thing. What we are doing is no easy task. According to our old story, there is no way that a vastly diverse group of people should be able to come together and collaborate effectively, let alone collaborate on creating an entirely new culture. It is through our diversity that we find our strength. It is through our diversity that we create a space for each of us to contribute in whatever way aligns with our own unique gifts. We are in the business of creating miracles, so let’s all remember to take a deep breath and give each other some hugs every so often.


When these groups come together, extremely valuable and meaningful dialogue takes place. Sometimes the tension rises as opinions are exchanged, but that is expected, we are all incredibly passionate about what we love and we do not always agree. Wisdom and knowledge are exchanged, information and ideas flow, and connections are made. While all of this is extremely important in the overall process, I find myself asking, “Are we tapping into the full potential of these gatherings?” In a room of fifty infinitely divine beings, all with incredible gifts and connections, I feel this potential can be unlocked to a new level through collective focus and intention. Where I have experienced this expansive potential being unleashed is through collaborative brainstorming sessions. I am in no way minimizing or criticising what has been happening as it is essential to our evolving process. All healing needs space for bringing up, and clearing out, old stories. The seed I would like to plant now is a seed of collective coalescence and collaboration.


A gathering of heads, hands, and hearts is called. People come together to create something larger than each individual piece. A whiteboard is placed in the space and a circle is formed. The gathering begins with an exercise to bring the group into their hearts and to establish a resonant group frequency. Then begins the collective collaboration. Anyone who wishes is allotted time to present an idea or project they are working on, in whatever stage they are at. After the idea is presented, the rest of the circle then bounces thoughts, ideas, comments, and suggestions off of the presenter. This is not limited to ideas and comments – if someone has a resource they would like to contribute (time, skills, networking, materials, etc) then they could do so as well. The presenter can take or leave whatever they want from the session and then the group moves on to the next person. Of course, there would be a facilitator for this process to keep the group heart centered and focused on the project at hand.


My experience with this exercise has been incredibly rewarding. Not only is it a practice in dropping one’s ego through the open sharing of an idea and the openness to receive feedback, every time I have used this technique for an idea, the idea always becomes something so much more than it was when I started. The more perspectives we have, the more accurate our picture becomes. It helps uncover shadows within us and illuminates the blind spots of an idea.


Today we find ourselves living between two stories. We are collectively manifesting a new story, a story of a connected self. Yet there still exist deep traces of our old story, the story of separation. No one fully knows what the new story will be, but we are all living a piece of it. I often hear words being spoken which reflect the old story of “us and them”. Within myself I see the old story being reflected in my drive to create something “bigger and better”. Perhaps this change will occur through each of us following exactly what it is we are passionate about at certain times, while coming together with larger wholes at other times. The time for coalescing does not have to result in everyone agreeing on something. This drive for unity does not mean making everyone think and act the same; life would be pretty boring in my opinion. Instead, if we view it from a larger perspective, we can use our brain as a metaphor for our collective consciousness. We are all individual neurons which collectively create one mind. Our gatherings are an exchange of energy and information. When we network, we create connections that change and shape the whole system. Ideas are spread, inspiration is cycled, and collaboration is mutually beneficial.  We all have incredibly beautiful dreams and together we make them come true through our gifts. There is a more beautiful world our hearts tell is possible within each and every one of us. Why would we settle for anything less?


Keep Dreaming! <3

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  1. Nice Matt, beautifully said… dreaming and manifesting together a beautiful new reality… in the now… in the heart <3

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