Freed Energy: Acting in Overunity


I hear many similar phrases echoed in different circles these days. One of my favorites is, “(blank) will save/help/rescue us”. A fun externalization humans love to do in which we project onto some future date some future saving force that is not us. Underneath this projection is the disempowering feeling of helplessness. A silent admittance to our resignations of any hopes that humanity can sort things out ourselves. What difference will my actions make? Might as well wait for the aliens, Christ, cures, pills, technology, legislation, or someone else to make things better. How else will humanity make it through the global crisis lest someone else saves us from ourselves?

No, there is nothing external from you that can save you. Technology will not bring abundance and leisure to the world. Aliens will not descend and expose the corrupt politicians. That pill will not make you happier. The government will not legislate the change we need. Christ will not return to bring our liberation. A partner will not make you complete. Medicine will not find a cure. Money will not bring you purpose. I am not saying these are impossible occurrences, just that if they do happen, it will mean that humanity’s collective frequency will have initiated it from within our individual bodies, not by having it imposed externally. Using the notion of free energy as an example, it is not the technology of free energy that will bring abundance to the planet, but the change in the consciousness of humanity (frequency) to become aware of the Universe’s inherent abundance that will allow the energy to be used. Inner shift of mindset first, then external manifestation to reflect.

I use the term “free energy” to describe the infinite amount of energy contained within the fabric of the space around us. Each and every atom contains unimaginable quantities of energy. Devices that put out more energy than they take in are called over unity machines. A fun notion, but often considered science fiction. Such concepts violate one of our basic scientific assumptions, that one cannot create something out of nothing. Total energy in equals total energy out. But are they really creating something from nothing? Or perhaps there is an extraction or transformation occurring that we cannot yet see. Just because we cannot explain a phenomena does not mean it doesn’t work. We experiment with what we call ‘gravity’ without really knowing much about the actual force. Is it really a stretch to believe it to be possible to access the infinite energy within the smallest scales of reality?


The possibility of free energy – imagine a small box at every home, capable of powering all your needs indefinitely with no input and no emissions – is where we have to start if this dream is to become reality. Seeding it into the collective awareness. Shifting consciousness slightly to allow its appearance into the physical through humans. Step one. External reflection (feedback from the outer world) becomes the people working on such an invention and sharing their findings – the imaginal buds of the liquefied caterpillar, soon-to-be-butterfly.

Many are excited because of the possibility of free and unlimited energy. I am one of them. That kind of discovery is a real game changer. Those highly invested in the current game would be understandably resistant. History is full of examples. Fortunately for us, the only way free energy will come about and change the game is if it comes from the game that it is part of. This is the game of interbeing, and if any hint of separation is wafting in, no go. Only in the total embodiment of the new game will free energy be possible. Humanity must be free before freedom can come to us.


One indicator I use when looking into free energy inventions is whether the underlying intent is profit or freedom. Going into the creation of a free energy device with the desire to simply make money, score the invention’s patent and exclusive rights, or control the world of energy will not work. This is why the suppression techniques are failing more and more. This is why companies will pour countless dollars into the invention of free energy to no avail. The name says it all – it must be free and accessible to all. I have no interest in contributing to an invention intended to free humans if it isn’t free for all to begin with. Outer reflecting the inner.

Free energy, as with all invention, will also require collaboration and transparency. This is a co-creation that is beyond the scope of any one individual or small group. Even if you do not ever physically build a free energy device, you are contributing to its manifestation simply by reading, talking, or even thinking about it. Working in a synarchy from the new game will be the connection of the growing number of imaginal buds until the tipping point is reached and the caterpillar relinquishes its resistance and trusts the metamorphosis underway.


Technology will not bring abundance to the world. Resource management and a resource based economy will not end scarcity. We have created an external world of scarcity based on our inner perception of lack and separation. It is an illusion – blinders we have placed over our eyes. We must first remove the blinders, open to the World of the Gift, the heaven on Earth, the Christ within, the medicine of community, the guidance of the heart, and the wisdom of the body before our external environment will reflect that. Both go hand-in-hand, one step at a time. We will have free energy when we can see the abundance in which we are already immersed. We must see it externally and feel it internally before it will manifest. Feedback possibility. Unlock potential. Free creative energy.

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