Living in the Gift: Awakening to Creativity and Transforming Money


I want to clarify right off that I do not mean to say anyone should or should not do what I choose to do. There is no wrong way or better way. I am not an expert at anything.Please, don’t believe what I write. It’s all just a story. Enjoy!

Time as Money

I like to ponder the cultural practice of attaching a numerical value to time, as a dollar amount, to communicate a cost for a service. I know I am not alone with my particular uncomfortableness when it comes to setting a specific valuation, or cost, for my time. I sometimes feel as though something is wrong with me due to my inability to match the mold.

To help fix this often termed poverty mentality, I hear marketing advise new stories in order to encourage people to become okay with setting a specific cost to their gifts. The frequently asked question is, “Don’t you value your time?” Why is a number we call money such an overly emphasized  measure of valuation for our time? Are there other ways to communicate and sense value?

In our race to attach numerical value to everything, did we take it too far, reduce too much, and somehow forget what real value is? At what point did it become okay for one person to feel valued at ten dollars an hour and another at hundreds? Can we ever have feelings of equality and respect amidst such obvious inequality of valuation?

creativity2I know that I value my time. I value it so much, in fact, that I am dedicated to directing it only towards things I want to do, things I am excited about, things I love to do. Why would I choose anything else? Sure, that sounds extremely egoic and entitled – because it is. Integrating that shadow happens when I transform my lifestyle desire into action devoted to creating a world where everyone knows they are safe to choose to do what they love. At its core, it is devotion towards the freedom of all beings.

We cannot have freedom until we have equality, and equality will only be felt when we are free.

And you know what I find incredible?

Of all the stories I tell people about my visions of the future – the idea that we can live in a world where everyone does only that which they love, and where the path to our dreams is paved with enjoyable steps the entire way, is met with massive resistance. Why is it so difficult to let go of the stories of struggle? Just because they got us here, doesn’t mean we need them anymore. Integrate the lessons, release the gifts, and move forward.

Easier said than done though, right? I know all my humans out there will agree.

Awakening Creativity

I know a world exists where everyone is supported in discovering, mastering, and giving back their creative gifts for the thriving of the entire planet. Nothing gets me more excited than watching someone awaken to their creativity. Awakening to your creativity happens when you find something that you love to do so much, that actually doing it requires no will power whatsoever. Will power, in this sense, is the feeling of forcing one’s self to do something one is not really wanting to do.

I do not mean to say that there is never a time for effort and perseverance. This is when will power is used to simply remind one’s self of what particular choices feel like in their consequences so as to make wiser decisions now. This transforms the shadow of struggle into the gift of perseverance.

Watch how water flows with ease. See how the flower struggles not?

Externalizing Blame and Internalizing Responsibility

Why do we choose to do things we would rather not? Why do we sacrifice our creative inspiration for unfulfilling work? Why is what we love to do so distant from what is practical – so distant from what pays the bills?

The feeling of “wanting to do something else” is often tied to a perceivedcreativity3 experience of force. Often this feeling of force is projected outward onto something external to our individual self, and this is a symptom of victimization. “I can’t be this way, have this feeling, obtain that thing, live that live, etc… because of … that person, that situation, that story”. Those kind of thoughts carry an essence of victimization by casting blame externally. Time and money are two of the most common expressions of victim mentality I come across.

When blame is externalized, one is unable to integrate the consequences of one’s actions as fully as possible, because the lens of responsibility is not open to really see. Once the lens of personal responsibility is open, one becomes aware that the experience of force is in fact an internal one – the individual’s inner exertion of will power – required to overcome a desire to do something else. This awareness transforms victimization into empowerment through  the gift of individual responsibility.

No one but you is responsible for where you are right now. Remember your freedom of choice in the present moment. You are not limited – you are freed – by your past. You are not afraid – you are loved – by your future. Can you practice to trust your choices and take responsibility for their consequences?

Choosing Time as Creativity

It requires a leap of faith to choose one’s own creativity. The leap is across a giant chasm, carved deep by our fears of rejection, and evolutionarily tied to our very survival. Our wings are clipped through years of disempowerment, telling us we don’t deserve it, won’t make it, or aren’t good enough. As more people choose to do what they love, embody their creativity, and give their gifts of service – we witness flight – and remember how to soar together.

This is my devotion to living in the gift, my version of choosing my creativity, my purpose to co-create a structure of support for others to also do what they love. It’s not “my” because I own it, only to illustrate that we each have a unique version. It’s also not about building a bridge across the chasm to empowered creativity, but to model flight, and to spot one another until we all make it across.

But how do we get there? How do we create a world different from the one we are in today?

Well, it starts with asking ourselves what kind of world wecreativity4 want to live in. Then we observe whether the present moment choices we make are examples of that world. We watch for the feedback of our actions and decide whether they model our truth. In other words, as Ghandi said, we need to be the change we want to see. What world are you choosing today?

Alchemizing Limitations

I see a world in which time and money are no longer viewed as limitations to what we love and want to do. It is the perceived scarcity of both that create symptoms of being rushed, worried, greedy, and anxious. Do I have enough time to do that? How am I going to make rent? How can I choose my creativity when I am already so busy and need to pay my ongoing bills?

These kind of thoughts are imposed into us through an environment that does little to support and encourage individual creative expression. We are bombarded by stories of failure and feel inadequate next to the rare few who actually thrive creatively. Only the best make enough money to live from their creativity and art. Better take the safe bet and keep the day job. How will our gifts blossom when our soil is so toxic?

creativity5Yes, I realize the paradox of what I have written. Casting blame externally is part of a victim mentality, yet I have just pointed to the environment for the shackling of our creative potential. The truth is that the external environment is just as important as the internal environment for they are merely reflections of each other. Yes, we have the individual power to transform our lives. Yes, the environment influences the likelihood and ease with which we are able to transform. Can you imagine the possibilities when we have both in synch and supporting one another?

Living in the Gift

Living in the gift is a lifestyle that I have received the opportunity to experiment within for some time now. It is a lifestyle that is by no means free from its own challenges and hardships. It is, however, a lifestyle that helps me to keep things in perspective.

I choose to offer my creative gifts in total freedom, while living in the gift.

I choose a lifestyle that reminds me that my time is my own and that money is a useful tool.

I choose to trust in receiving support for my needs.

I choose to have enough to fill the needs of others.

I choose to allow value to arise naturally within the receiver of a gift.

I choose to allow the reciprocation of a gift to match the feeling of gratitude.

I choose a lifestyle that reminds me to appreciate the little things in life.

I choose my creativity to invite others to do the same.

I choose to co-create an environment of kindness, generosity, truth, forgiveness, and beauty.

I choose to create the more beautiful world I know to be possible.creativity1

Yes, givers of great gifts deserve great gifts in return. The tool of money is a beautiful way to reciprocate and express gratitude for gifts. Money is valuable and supports the thriving of a creative life by meeting needs. How can we feel free to dive into a creative process, no matter how long the labour of love requires, if we are worried about simply surviving?

If the need for money is approached in a healthy way, through clear communication and transparency, as well as in alignment with one’s integrity – then a world of prosperity through simplicity is right around the corner. For me, that alignment happens when I am living in the gift.

When I am living in the gift, receiving money happens as a naturally inspired outcome of time as creativity. I want the receiver of my gifts to feel free in the expression of their reciprocation, while still communicating the need for reciprocation. Money is then transformed from a primary motivator into a natural fruit of a creative labour – a symbolic expression of gratitude and felt value creation. Through gratitude and inspired freedom, money flow is ultimately transformed from transaction into relationship, sowing the seeds of supportive, healthy community.

In health and wellth,



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