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muse juice

Muse Juice


There is beauty and love everywhere, all you need is the openness to give and receive it… then everything changes.


Discovering a new community is like being welcomed home by a family you did not know you had. I was filled with gratitude and honoured this past weekend when I was able to connect with a tribe in Edmonton called ArcaTribe. I was excited when I first hear about this flourishing community in our neighbouring city center as I did not know one existed! When I heard about their annual Spring Equinox gathering called enVision, I knew I had to go and see what they were all about. A crew from the Calgary community came together and drove north to be welcomed with open arm and shining smiles by our new brothers and sisters from ArcaTribe.


The theme for this year’s equinox was “muse juice”. Your muse juice is what gets your juices flowing; it’s what gets you excited about waking up in the morning. What sparks your creativity, imagination, and passion? This gathering had it all: music circles, passion presentations, soap making, dancing, workshops, cleaning, food preparation, laughing, hugs, outdoor sauna, fire pit, and community eating. Aside from all of the incredible offerings, what I am most truly grateful for are the connections with so many deeply loving and beautiful souls.


Being part of a community here in Calgary is one of the most humbling and inspiring experiences I could ask for. Until I traveled up to “Stonehenge” this past weekend for enVision, I had forgotten what it was like to be welcomed into a new community so openly and fully. Breaking your comfort zone and entering a new space with new people is one of the most freeing experiences one could ask for. When we are with new people, the images others hold of us change – they become more malleable with less ‘personal history’ and we can act in new ways with more ease. It is an incredible gift to be provided a safe and loving space where you can let everything that is false about you drop away and step into your truest self. It is this gift for which I am full-filled with gratitude after sharing space with my new family.


There are many ways in which the Calgary community and the Edmonton communities are in resonance with each other. We have much to learn and share and I am filled with excitement at the possibilities that exist now that we have connected more. While our words and names might differ, our hearts are aligned with intention and purpose. The space that has been created in both cities for the expression of creativity and exchange of gifts is serving as an essential foundation to a new way of being. It is with my most sincere and deepest feeling of gratitude that I would like to express my love and open heart to our northern family for sharing space, connection, music, laughter, and meaning with me. Thank you for sharing yourselves so openly and honestly and for allowing me to do the same. I look forward to co-creating the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible.


Namaste <3


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