New Paradigm Relationship: Seeding His

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New Paradigm Relationship:

Seeding His


{This is part one of a three part, mirrored series on New Paradigm Relationship}

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Humility is one of the most powerful tools of transformation available to humanity at this time. This concept marries the qualities of receptivity and equality. In equality, we leave behind the notion that any aspect of our personal story elevates one above another; just the same as one is never lower. After the step into equality is taken, we enter into humility when we open ourselves to the ongoing feedback loop between our inner and outer worlds. With receptivity we no longer disregard perspectives shared with us. Compassion arises with the loving curiosity to know another as deeply as we are able through the open transparency of humility. With an open mind, open heart, and open ears, we begin to receive valuable information by observing our story as it unfolds, moment by moment.

The quality of humility has helped me to hear/see/feel wisdom teachings from nearly everyone I encounter. Where this ally has proven most effective is in the realm of intimate relationships, lovers, and partners.  When you open yourself deeply to another, the opening will always be reflected to the same degree as it is shown. These type of relationships are clear mirrors to our current state of being, and humility is the lens through which one can see this truth. This can be a challenging idea for those who are still in the state of projecting blame onto the other because it means taking responsibility for one’s current life situation. We attract/choose specific people for our intimate relationships in order to help us remember our humility and dissolve destructive patterns by healing their associated wounds. Over time, this process brings us into greater remembrance of our Selves.

The process of remembering begins with humility and is accelerated with detachment, transparency, and self-acceptance. To be detached is to be in a state of observance of one’s life situation, including passing thoughts and emotions. It empowers one with the capacity to not take anything personally; to act – not react. In detachment we find the courage to give and receive complete and honest truth with one another. This willingness to share truth is called transparency. We recognize the immeasurable value available to all parties involved when truth is communicated openly. Transparency engulfs us into an experience of deep connection between individuals through the shared vessel of vulnerability. Taking this leap into connective vulnerability requires the courage found in detachment and the love uncovered in self-acceptance.

To accept one’s self as absolutely complete, balanced, and whole – As Is – a perfect symphony of vibrational expressions in complete harmony – is to embody self-acceptance. It is to relinquish the quest for personal improvement and to relax into wholeness in the present moment. A society that bombards its brothers and sisters with messages of inadequacy and images of a more highly valued personal expression (whether in body, mind, material items, morals, or life path) creates a people bent on self-improvement. One of life’s paradoxes is that real, lasting change cannot be forced through an act of will – it must be allowed to naturally emerge through the art of relaxing into change. This is where the seeking for improvement comes full circle with the realization of already being absolutely and totally complete in every way.

It is in the space of loving, self-acceptance, that one is able to attract a mirror who will accept one in equal totality. Can you believe that there are people who are attracted to the very qualities you believe you must change about yourself? With the perceptual fear of scarcity, so rarely do we dare entertain the possibility of a depth of love and acceptance we have yet to experience. Instead of loving ourselves enough to acknowledge a disconnected relationship, we choose to endlessly seek improvement within ourselves and our partners in order to force a fit. The awareness of love’s abundance through self-acceptance empowers us to have the wisdom to know when our heart changes direction, and the courage to listen. Love cannot be forced – it requires space to ignite and burn within.

Viewing life as a struggle to attain some virtuous self-improvement goal, or as a constant battle to overcome one’s desires, creates experiences to match such an expectation. Once the seed has been planted that life is not meant to be a battle, that an abundance of intimacy and love is accessible at all times, and that a world exists where an inspired ease flows through every moment – we begin to weaken the stories of compromise and sacrifice. As these stories weaken and we align with our most fulfilling expression of Self through self-acceptance, transparency, detachment, and humility – our embodiment, attraction, and rooting of new paradigm relationship begins.

{This is part one of a three part, mirrored series on New Paradigm Relationship}

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