The Spirit of the Gift: A Storymap to Living in the Gift

The Spirit of the Gift

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Storymap – a symbolic expression and exploration of a subjective terrain of experience.

The Spirit of the Gift emerged as a lifelong dream condensed a multi-year journey into a single moment of creation. This storymap to living in the gift is a fruit of the exploration and experimentation within the embodiment of a new Story of the World. It is my gift to the emerging Story of Interbeing, providing a lens with which to view the world and cosmos as a connected tapestry of relationship. In this Age of Creativity we rewrite our time as art, our insurance as community, our currency as gratitude, our work as play, our economy as family, and our material world as sacred.

I offer this labour of love to the world as an ally to those who create the more beautiful world their hearts know is possible. It is inspired through the study and implementation of many influences, including Charles Eisenstein with his depth of perspective into the transition occurring on the planet today. I am grateful for nearly three years of experience at the heart of a community home and healing sanctuary (founded on a gifting model) called Eden’s Cove, as well as a local chapter of the Evolver Network. Both communities invited many into new relationships with life and each other while catalyzing the personal transformation necessary for the emergence of my first book.

The Spirit of the Gift takes readers along a four stage journey, weaving through novel perspectives on reality, truth, crisis, gratitude, consciousness, healing, community, gifts and gifting, money, and humanity’s relationship to the planet. In our Departure, we find the lens through which we see our individual and collective agreements as story. Remembering the creative power of story uncovers the language with which we interpret and influence our experience of life. This remembrance marks one’s growth into the embodiment of Storyteller Consciousness and results in the awareness of being both the writer and actor of one’s life story. With this awareness we walk onto the second stage of Disruption.

While navigating the uncertainty linked to the deconstruction of our stories within the realm of Disruption, we are reminded to give attention to our immediate experience of life. As imagination, inspiration, and excitement return to one’s journey, act three commences with Expansion. New possibilities are seeded with the courage received through play and experimentation. New ways to story sprout and blossom into novel realms of potential. Gift Consciousness ripens in response to a Story of Interbeing that sees all as connected parts of a larger whole, and thrives from the water of gifting. A desire to unlock humanity’s gifts of love and freedom moves the actor into stage four: Integration.

Circling the Whole with Integration brings unity at a higher order of complexity. The actor and writer expand their boundaries of self to include the global community. Remembering our togetherness within the space of community empowers humanity to create a world of wonder, beauty, magic, laughter, and giving. Collectively in a community of sovereign individuals we remember ourselves and each other, becoming effective healers of the wounds of separation. We all have a unique and vital thread to balance the collective tapestry of the world. We write the story together with the truths we choose to embody.

Since the dissolving of Eden’s Cove in April 2013 I have been playing within the realm of living in the gift as I travel North America in my camper. I reclaimed my time as art and give back on the road as I am spontaneously inspired. I am able to gift all of the fruits of my creativity to the world due to the support (financial and otherwise) from those who are grateful for my gifts.

If you wish to read The Spirit of the Gift, follow the link below for access to the eBook download or print version. I ask only that you maintain the spirit of the gift in whatever way you feel inspired upon completion of the book. This value-after-experience reciprocation is requested so the gratitude we receive from a gift is allowed to amplify and circulate. Transform the experience of gratefulness into a vessel of amplification for the dissemination and propagation of our gifts in the cosmic web of co-creative community.


All books are available online as gifts with a value-after-experience request. This means that you may download the eBook or PDF versions for free and I ask you reciprocate however your sense of gratitude for the gift calls for.

Social media shares are an easy way to give back. Money goes to the continued giving of my gifts in physical print. Hugs fill my heart with nourishment. Reviews create a buzz of feedback. It all helps! I love to hear where, how, and to whom you choose to give back to ::)

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