Prairie Magic

prairie magic

Prairie Magic


Straight ahead was the direction,

no winding or hills to be had.

My camper cruising along the highway,

living life like a nomad.


An evening at a paved truck stop,

the distant hum of vehicles fill the background.

The next spent among the trees,

with the chirps of birds and wind rustling all around.


At each stop I refill the necessities,

like a cell receiving nutrients and information.

The roads lined with newly green grass,

Earth’s highway vein of human migration.


Overhead are white wispy clouds and howling winds,

slowing my transition through space and time.

Planes flying back and forth above me,

perpendicular and parallel atmospheric (chem)istry behind.


Many people describe the prairies as “flat”,

a most boring of roads to travel.

While an accurate description of portions,

the prairies contain landscape gifts, just waiting to be unravelled.


So much more than simply “flat”


I find myself driving on the bottom of an ocean,

underneath a glacier hundreds of meters thick.

Traversing a foreign land as a European settler,

or roaming the ancient jungles as a dinosaur of my pick.


It’s the stories that add to the wonder,

be sure to throw in a dash of imagination.

There is adventure to be had everywhere,

all you need is a little creative inspiration!

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