Recipe: Cosmic Cacao Creation

cacao cosmic


Cosmic Cacao Creation


This triple layered cacao-co-creation is one that will have you dancing the moment it enters your mouth – your body can’t help but thank you for the goodness it is receiving! It is quick to make and will give you lots to enjoy and share with others. 🙂

The fun of this creation is the freedom to make it your own and to have it turn out a little different each time.

Feel free to use this recipe as a starting point and then remix it however you are inspired! The amounts are entirely up to you and bring in the fun of experimenting yourself.


Bottom Layer -> Blend together and place in bottom of dish

> Cashews > Shredded Coconut > Banana > Raspberries or Goji Berries


Middle Layer -> Blend or mash with a fork and place on top of bottom layer

> Coconut Oil > Cacao Powder > Bee Pollen > Honey > Banana and/or Avacado


Top Layer -> Blend together and place on top of the middle

> Banana > Peanut Butter > Maca Powder > Cacao Powder > Powdered Chaga Mushroom > Some Water


Sprinkle coconut flakes on top and refrigerate. Enjoy!


Ingredients can be mixed around – the initial intention was to make the bottom layer more of a ‘crust’, middle a thicker paste, and the top more of an icing consistency. Other ideas for ingredients to add: maple syrup or other sweeteners (agave, etc.), chia seeds, whatever you can think of!

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