Returning to Service: A Journey Through the Gift to the Heart

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What would happen if everyone chose to only do what they wanted?

It certainly appears there are many who would agree that their days are at least occasionally filled with moments when they would rather be doing something else than what they are. Often this is expressed through blame of a particular force coercing your involvement. We all story it differently, these aversions of ours. So precious to us that we attack those who remind us of choice. It’s easier being a victim. Or so we may think, for a time. Then the victimization hits critical and we snap to attention. With attention, we observe. Through observation, we find feedback. Discovering feedback, we get involved. When we get involved, we relax into celebration and play. In play, we remember nondoing.

You’re right, I need to own those statements.

Who hates generalizations? I see strong reactions when I speak collectively. So in love with our individuality, our identity, our story, I react to the truth of connection. “Those are my emotions!” “You don’t know what I am experiencing!” What do you mean we are mirrors? Perfect, whole, and authentic reflections of equals. All students. All teachers. All giving each other exactly what we need. The paradoxical dance of life. This is my celebration and play. This is my service to you.

Do our stories affect the world?

I wrote a few days ago the start of a series about a dream of a new relationship with money. Today I decided that a story needed to be shared in more clarity. It is a story of an individual who embodied, to the best of his knowing, the practice of timelessness and freedom. Oh, can I even split those up like that? I don’t really feel like I can without using this language, but that part is for you to discover and decide yourself.

The Magic Vessel

During the last year I have been (and still am) living on the road in a camper I named Magic. The journey has taken me across Canada, around British Columbia and Alberta, south into the United States along the west coast, down the Baja, Mexico peninsula, and back up the west coast to Canada. I had no idea what I was doing when I started. My dream of many years to be supported financially while I travel had somehow formed into my life situation. All I knew was that it was a journey with no end date and no specific destination other than the one in front of me. I started east in May 2013.

Each time I make a choice and take a step, the next one unfolds in perfect timing. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and that starts to trip me up. I still have moments when I get to face my deepest doubts and fears along the way. Back to the now. I am making the choice. It isn’t “that place you have to get to” or “that thing you need to do” that is forcing you. All of a sudden I didn’t have time to blame anymore for my decisions. But I digress, that is another story.

The main bullet point to take away is that I created what some people are calling a “universal living allowance” – I had just enough money coming in (fairly passively and a result of much energetic input over previous years) to cover basic living expenses. In short, I was being given enough money to know that I am free to choose how to direct my time. (I will speak more of the numbers and flows of my money in other parts of this series on money and in alignment with full financial transparency).

And what did I do?

I could create a list of accomplishments, detailing the tangible things I have done over the years. A nice resume of sorts for people to compare, quantify, and measure. I have no desire to do so at this time because what is more important is where I am now (don’t worry, the story will be told though). And what decision I am making because of it. With the necessary financial support (albeit at times challenging to trust that truth) I felt free to reclaim my power of choice. And in that freedom we so often suppress, labeling it as selfish, covering it with guilt, distracting us from the present, is where we discover our gifts. This is how we return to the heart.

Through the freedom and courage to follow my individual excitement I rejoice in the knowing that my own dreams align in perfection with yours. This is my service to you, the collective. To arrive and serve. To show up and say, “What do you need? How can I help? What do you want to create?”. To know that our individual dreams, the ones that fill us with meaning and purpose, the ones that are what we want to do, line up and help one another in synchronistic flow is a story I am finding more truth in each day.

What do you need?

Only when I began to uncover what it was that I need could I actually hear what it was others need. I kept calling out so loud that I couldn’t hear the response. Unable to hear others, I could not hear myself. Little did I realize how deep of a question it was to ask about our needs. It brings up fears of our whole world unraveling around us. What if I am not getting what I need? How do I get my needs met? When we remain present with our state of being before a choice, during, and after, indulging in as little of distraction as possible, we gain a greater sense of our deeper needs and whether they are being filled constructively. With the medicine of community we remember how to satiate those needs in healthy ways.

What do I need?

I need to be of service to you. As I enter more deeply into a state of humility I am able to have a clearer idea of what that need is and how to fulfill it. Receiving invitations and reflections of direction or support gives me great joy as I understand how to better meet and serve you. I am currently creating language around what it is I can offer, and that has been my journey into the heart, through the gift. Within the freedom to live and give, I move into a deeper knowing of what my call to service is. I need support in that freedom from the collective. I trust that I continue to receive the necessary support because I have faith that I continue to embody my full service through philanthropy. I dream of greater financial philanthropy and use that dream to inspire action now with what I do have, while inviting others along for the celebration.

I am a dreamer, a manifestor, and a fire starter. These are my gifts and I offer them to you in service. My dream is to help you realize yours.

In love, Skye

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