Swimming with Dolphins

swimming with dolphins

Swimming With Dolphins


Do you remember the first person you fell in love with? I mean the very first. Way back when you knew the exact qualities that attracted you, even if you couldn’t pin point what they were – that’s how we knew so fast. What is this new feeling we thought? I remember the lessons from Bambi – this is the feeling of being twitterpaited! What a high! What a rush to fall in love! I could get used to this.

And more often sooner than later, the inevitable crushing blow of rejection. I had no idea the dark hole went so deep. This is pain, sadness, loneliness, and betrayal all packaged up nicely into a void inducing ball and thrown straight into the hole in the middle of your chest. I must get out of here. I must cover this hole and wall the opening, so that no one can get in and remind me of this crushing despair. If this painful fall is going to haunt me after the high of love then I must guard against the mistake of being carried away so easily, so foolishly, so naively. Who am I to deserve such bliss anyways?


Protected behind this wall I am able to float through life in my bubble on the surface of the ocean, as I bump into others in their bubbles and say Hell-oh. My longing to burst the film of comfort and dive to the treasures below remains hidden. I am reminded of it when I watch and react to the dolphins, effortlessly playing above and below the surf. They look like they are in a state of blissful heaven. But to break through my bubble – I can’t swim like they can. What if I drown? What if I am attacked? How would I even start? Why can’t I be happy in my bubble anyways? Everyone else is smiling…


The love of the dolphins draws me in. I hear a whisper tell me that I too have felt such bliss before. It says I just need to remember. I search for the source of this mysterious wisdom and come to a giant wall. Where did this towering blockade come from? My desire to discover the origin of the whisper begins to crumble the wall in front of me. What is behind it – I must find out! The world wants to enter behind the wall.


….wait… I know this wall…


The shattering void starts to rip at my heart as I desperately attempt to reverse what I have started by rebuilding the wall. Again, the whisper, a call for remembrance, the play of the dolphins. I must know. The wall is engulfed in flames and turns to ash. I am knocked to my feet by the explosion of pain bursting from the dark hole. Somehow, the courage to jump into the void overtakes the thoughts screaming at me to run. I begin to fall.


My awareness fills my body, seeps into each cell, and pervades every atom. Each breath transforms the emotional turmoil coursing through my body into the light of love and acceptance. Tension unwinds. I am free. I am love. I Am.


The water feels cool on my skin. I take a deep breath of fresh, revitalizing air and dive beneath the surface. Bursting forth from the waves, I am a part of this ocean. Finally free to live in open love and joy; free to connect with my brothers and sisters as deep as we can swim, together. Each jump in the air, every movement of our bodies, sending ripples out into the unknown. I see all of the humans floating in their bubbles and desire to share this love with them. I know that the choice to jump is theirs to make. I join my dolphin family in joyous play to show the humans how effortless it is to jump and to remind them of home.

Skye <3

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