The Circle of Gratitude: Part One – Entering the Circle

 This is the first Part of The Circle of Gratitude Story series. Be sure to check out the Whole overview and introduction here.


The Circle of Gratitude is a platform for people to create gift relationships within a community of individuals desiring to support each other.


Last week I introduced the overall story arc to The Circle of Gratitude, an idea that has been evolving over the last while and one in which I desire to co-create with others. I presented the above sentence in the first blog, along with a breakdown of each key word related to the story. In these subsequent posts I will expand further upon each word with the intention of creating greater clarity within myself and others. Enjoy the story!




Part One: Entering the Circle


 Circle – Many points coming together in equality. The symbol of return, cyclicity, and trust in the flow of life. Illustrative of giving around the corner by giving in one direction and receiving in another. Better yet, imagine a cheerio-torus.


Verse 1

There once was a tribe that existed on a world just like ours.

They insisted on counting everything, including the stars.

Eventually, they began to see, that their world did not function linearly.

How do we integrate our waste, knowing that you are really another me?


Verse 2

This tribe had quick constructed so many structures,

even split their collective home into mine and yurs.

To undo, and create anew, they would need to release their tight gripping glue;

the addiction to pavin’ and misbehavin’ till there is no more bubbling blue.


Verse 3

It was when the tribe came together that a solution did emerge.

Just like an illness in the body, their world did need to purge.

As they stood in somber sigh-lence, a voice from beyond the fence, shouted, “Relax! You are all much too tense!”

“Take down this unsightly division, and a Circle will expand your vision, from this moment hence.”


Verse 4

In the Circle, the tribe could see every one another in equality.

They felt themselves in a world of cyclicity and remembered their collective unity.

Giving completely in trust must bust one through the dust,

of transition, and into the open sky on wings filled with gust.



I look forward to connecting with you if you see/hear/feel yourself in this story. Follow the breadcrumbs. Thank you for your support/shares/feedback/monitude along this journey.  ::)

Skye Dreamer


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