A Dream of Giving Back

A Dream of Giving Back

Mat Rix is fundraising in order to dedicate himself to giving back to, and strengthening, his local community as well as a rural Shipibo (Peruvian) community.

I am embarking on a committed, deeply personal, and collective journey of transformation, inner discovery, emotional healing, and community building over the final half of this year. I intend on travelling to a rural Shipibo community in Peru to help strengthen community through permaculture and gifting.


  • To dedicate myself to a 3 month healing and work exchange program with the Shipibo people in Peru. I will be giving back to this beautiful community through permaculture and gifting. Half of the time is spent with the Shipibo healers and other guests at the centre, while the other half is devoted to evolving and realizing the self-sustainable goals of the centre, through permaculture techniques (building swales and terraces, mulching gardens, building banana circles, etc.) as well as teaching rural communities about building local economic resilience and sustainability through gifting. This would occur during the fall of 2012 (September – November).
  • To begin a daily, 4 hour meditation practice which incorporates various meditation techniques, dream work, daily reviews, healthy eating practices, acts of kindness, and belief re-patterning; and to continue this practice for a total of 23 weeks (beginning July 2nd)
  • To devote myself to helping the beautiful community in my home city of Calgary through the open and honest sharing of my personal healing journey (blogs, articles, podcasts, journaling, etc) as well as offering my presence and support to others in the realization of their own dreams and passions.
  • To expand, explore, experiment, and establish alternative economic systems in Calgary (time banks, gift circles, local currencies, etc.) over the summer months. This is a huge passion of mine and between my workshops, festival presentations, and ongoing discussion and devotion, I hope to really begin implementation of these incredible ideas to build community and connection.

{{{You can check out the full details of my campaign here at this link}}}

{{{You can watch the video I made here at this link}}}

If you are able to support me, there are many incredible perks available depending on the amount of flow you are able to contribute towards the realization of this dream.  You have my most heartfelt gratitude for your generosity! <3

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