A Longing Heart

longing heart

A Longing Heart


You came into my life, and together we soared,

each moment an adventure, never feeling bored.

Every time you sang, my heart’s Love poured,

Ascension through touch, our cells struck a chord.


The excitement I feel each and every night,

knowing the peace that fills, when our breath fits just right.

To wake each morning with you by my side,

opens a Superabundance of happiness, to take on the day’s ride.


Eternal and timeless was our lifetime together,

we fought and we loved and we felt light as a feather.

But alas, our paths, needed to release the heart’s tether,

to find the Clarity within and calm our stormy weather.


Is there a pain worse, than not saying goodbye,

to someone you love, someone you included in I.

What I wouldn’t give, to have another day to fly,

and join you in Awakening, God adored and Skye.

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