Dreaming A Life


How am I to know what to do?

So many stories floating by, which one is true?

Overwhelming paralysis, a deepening psychosis;

The inevitable entropy of total half-heartedness.


Afraid to open and let my voice come forth;

To speak from the heart and let the truth show its worth.

I try to listen and calm the chatter;

But the silent voice remains unheard, what does it matter?


My mind loves to speak through all kinds of story,

Paradoxically interwoven and all quite contradictory.

Saying one thing one moment while another the next;

Diagnosis: schizophrenic, right from the text.


Swimming on the surface, waves coming from all directions;

I must learn to navigate through these tumultuous lessons.

A heartbeat. A whisper. The core remains true;

I Am.


No longer a passive observer, a victim, or weak,

I Am Free. I Am Love. I transform the bleak.

Into a new image of a splendid future on Earth,

Where All co-create a world free of dearth.


To uncover what is forgotten and has always been true;

I must face my darkest fears and deepest pains.

The courage received through such vulnerable battles;

Breaks open the heart, to know what is true.


Take back the reigns of your Life!

You have always been at the helm.


This back-and-forth indecision;

Has done nothing but cloud your vision;

Paralyzed you into total submission;

Caused you to forget your free will decision.


Sure, this or that might be true,

But it’s the might that keeps you from you.

And what about which-thing I should do?

Again, the should has you split in two.


You know the choice to make, and it is always the perfect one;

You will make it right on time, you have already won!

Once all the pieces are in place, you Will  – make a choice;

Your heart knows what to do, to carry you through.


Your thoughts create the world, so better listen in,

Observe what they say to you, just turn your attention within.

Which to keep and which to toss, simply watch,

And ask your Self which is true, for you.


Focus your thoughts on Love and creativity, and you will know more of the same,

You write the rules to this upside-down, topsy-turvy game.

Through conscious choice and focused intention,

you can’t help but turn your life into your own invention.


So dream with your hearts and dream with your heads,

Dream with your hands and dream in your beds.

Through your feelings you will learn to weave the threads,

Of a new tapestry for Life, free of disease and unnecessary meds.


Turn your dream’s vision into reality through the power of thought,

Create a crystal clear image – it’s okay to like it a lot.

Pierce through the criticisms and doubt before you get caught,

And unleash your heart’s boldness, around which your dream has been wrought.


So what step can you take today towards your ultimate vision?

There’s always something you can do from the core of your mission.

Don’t worry about when to start, for the start has already begun,

And there’s always time to make sure it’s just a little fun.


You are a Creator of Life! A most Divine expression.

Conjoint creation and joy to All from its contemplation.

The Universe lives within you! A grand Space of Love.

We create Paradise on Earth, reflecting the Heavens above!


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