Chaga Your Spring Water!


Chaga Your Spring Water!




Where does the idea that we human beings are able to “improve” the Earth’s processes come from? Year after year we exert new systems of manipulation and control over the Natural world with greater effort to cushion ourselves from the wildness of Mother Nature. What is the end goal? Is there one?




For a little over one year now I have been drinking straight spring water. This is water that has emerged from the underground water table (in my case up in the mountains) after being thoroughly filtered for years by the systems established through the water cycle and layers of Earth. I am grateful that there exist multiple springs within a an hour’s drive of my home in Calgary. I am grateful that there is a growing community of individuals who also share in the value of drinking clean, fresh, and purified water. The freshness and purity from the spring trumps our chemical filled, sterilized, dead tap water that has been pushed through kilometers of pipes. And yes, the difference is noticeable.


I also acknowledge that we are so very lucky to even be able to drink our tap water – a luxury millions of people go without. But really, should the fact that we have drinkable tap water be considered “lucky” or even a “luxury”? To me, drinkable water should be a common base line for all people on this planet – not a luxury afforded by a few. Seeing as how our bodies are mostly comprised of water – and the water molecules we drink are swapped with the ones we release – would we not want the water we drink to be as pure as possible?




I have also introduced the medicinal mushroom known as “Chaga”  into my diet as a daily dose since Christmas of 2012. It is a very powerful antioxidant (helps with protection of your DNA by assisting with the removal of free radicals from your body) and has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. It grows on birch trees and looks like a burnt chunk of charcoal.


For as long as I can remember, I would come down with the “common” cold with decent regularity – every couple of months or so. I have not been sick since December 2012, a stretch now 5 months long! While it is normally difficult for me to say B is a result of A with so many variables in our lifestyles – I am confident that the daily incorporation of the Chaga mushroom has been a major contributing factor to this stretch of health. One major reason for my confidence with this conclusion is that I cannot really identify anything else that I have changed in my life that might have contributed – I eat pretty well the same as I have for a while now – save for the daily addition of the Chaga, and my strong focus on drinking spring water.




For those interested, Chaga is a fairly inexpensive addition to your diet. It can be ingested raw and has such a mild taste that you don’t even notice it in your food. I choose to go with the powdered form – it is really easy to add to anything – smoothies, wraps, soups, salads, etc. For the more adventurous, it does grow in the Western Canadian region!


To find spring water, check out There are lots to discover, and if you know of one, or are willing to contribute to testing, I encourage you to add it to the site! There are also many people now making trips to gather spring water so it is becoming easier to share the collection drives. The connection that comes when you put intention and effort into retrieving the water you drink is a very special one. You become much more conscious of your use and appreciate every mouthful.


Often people will say, “well what happens if everyone starts going to take the spring water? Won’t that start to cause the same sort of system strains we are experiencing now?” To that I say great! If there are that many people who care enough about clean, vibrant drinking water, then that sounds like a strong voice of unity and a real powerful force for change.


I hope these ideas are of help to you on your journey. Healthy travels!


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