Circle of Gratitude

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This is an idea I have been working on for a couple weeks now and I am super inspired to bring it into reality. If this is something that you would like to help me out with or have suggestions for, please let me know! I am always trying to talk to people about it and so far it seems very well received 🙂


Circle of Gratitude


Our society has progressively altered the story of money where today most of our associations to this creative force are associated with the profane. Greed, power, control, profit, and competition are a few of the common financial trigger terms that can spark feelings of fear, stress, or anxiety within us. How is it that something as simple as numbers can cause us such emotional turmoil?


Being almost entirely removed from the tangible world, the symbol of money has power because WE give it that power through our collective agreements that create its value. Money has the ability to coordinate human activity and focus collective intention. One person cannot erect a skyscraper, yet when endowed with the symbol of money they can.


Our associations with the creative force of money are important because, being a symbol, money IS our associations/agreements. If we are to create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, a place where all species can thrive, then we will need to align the flow of money with the natural flow of life. It is time to imbue money with cooperation, love, respect, inspiration, and gratitude. The change starts with me and you. Let’s take a baby step together <3



To create a platform for communities to practice using money in ways that promote trust, facilitate cooperation, and fuel collective inspiration through gratitude.



A world where we unlock the full creative potential of every individual through gratitude, trust, and support.



Community Support and Trust – community is about creating an environment where people are inspired to support each other in the sharing of their gifts. This includes physical, emotional, and spiritual (financial) support. When money is free to flow through a community to where it is needed, we learn to trust in each other by more easily connecting gifts with needs.


Gratitude – this is the feeling of having received a gift and the desire to give in return. By using money as an expression of this thankfulness, we are collectively healing the disconnecting aspect of monetary exchanges – our relationships are strengthened and grow. Gratitude is our default state as our lives were gifts to us.


Healing – we are healing the wounds reinforced by our current associations of money, through the redirected use of money. We are “channelling” the energy of money through the feelings of gratitude, love, and abundance rather than through scarcity, greed, and fear. We must heal our wounds if we are to transform our stories and relationships.



How does the Circle of Gratitude work?


Can you think of a gift or favour someone has done for you in the last week that you are grateful for?


Would you be happy to give your friend $10 as a token of your gratitude?

{Important: this is NOT a payment – it is an expression of your gratitude – a gesture of thanks}


A new participant would sign up and join a circle. Every week, circle members choose another member within the circle to gift $10 to as an expression of their gratitude towards that person. No reason required, although it is your choice if you want to let them know. The idea is not to create a “closed exchange” through payment with money – rather it is to create an opening and deepening of the relationship through gratitude.


Participation is a must! You are not forced to participate – you make the choice to sign up – but signing up means you are part of the community and being part of a community means participation. It is only $10 per week – a small spending redirection for a beautiful cause – your local community!


A Win-Win Experiment!


At “worst” you are giving $10 per week to someone you are grateful for and supporting them in the expression of their gifts. At “best” you discover how grateful the community is to you by receiving extra monetary support for your generosity.


Other ideas kicking around:


Payment ideas – monthly $40? Each week? Need other options than just credit cards.


People who receive have options to:

– spend the money however they need

– gift the flow on to someone else

– gift the flow to a community project


We learn to keep the flow of money going.


Baby Steps: Keep it at $10 initially per week – give option for people to give more? or keep it equal?



– Web designer and programmer (multiple?)

– Ideas!

– Video editor



Later Logistic Stuff:


Community Maxes out at 150 people – geographic first priority – options to join more communities – 150 closest to YOU – each individual will have their own unique community – maybe you don’t know them, but it will give you the excuse to get to know the people NEAREST you in addition to others!


Dream Big!


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