Lover Earth



Lover Earth


The key is to live your life as though every moment of your existence were an act of making love.


Driving across Canada the past month has created a powerful perspective in my mind, and today I felt the impact of this newly formed image. Along the 4000 plus kilometers traversed, I have seen some of the most breathtaking and unique landscapes, breaking apart the otherwise undifferentiated, mono-shop cityscapes. A depth of beauty immeasurable, paved over with another parking lot and fast food joint. I had no idea that I was going to fall in love on this journey, and yet, that is exactly what has happened. I have fallen in love with this planet.


Mother Earth becomes Lover Earth. This transition marks the end of the “taking” relationship between Mother and Child and the beginning of the desire to give back our gifts, as we desire to give to a lover.


I found myself walking along a beach next to Lake Superior today and as I observed everything around me, as I felt into the moment as deeply as I could, I suddenly realized my profoundly deep love for Earth, for everything that was around me, for life. Once this love realization crystallized, I was then overwhelmed by an intense sadness that brought me to tears. In this moment of connection, I was feeling into the pain and suffering of this planet, and it was heartbreaking. We are choking the life out of her with our incessant drive to control the natural world through our blind pursuit of economic growth.


Contrasting Worlds


Being in a forested campground next to a lake one night, and then the parking lot of a Walmart in a city the next have created two seriously contrasted vantage points. I do not mean to knock everything “city” – many of my memorable experiences have taken place in a city. I simply wish to convey that given the choice between the two, it is getting to be easier to choose the rural option. The human influence and interference with nature has reached monumental proportions. Pollution has become the norm – whether it is trash lacing the highways, fumes being pumped into the air, liquid who-knows-what in the water, light blocking the stars, or the constant roar of our fire-based technology overpowering the natural auditory rhythms, it is increasingly difficult to find examples of humans caring much about our home.


I do not mean to turn this into a “save the Earth” type of message. I believe the Earth will be here long after we are gone, the coming years will determine the role of the human beings. It is through helping each other that we help the Earth. We are a part of this planet too, what we do to the planet we do to ourselves (although we have been good at delaying the consequences). We are made of the Earth and the Earth is made of us.


The Feminine is Life


The Earth, nature, our home, and our bodies are all representations of the same thing: feminine life force. The feminine is life, change, flux, flow, rhythm, love, dance, and chaos. How we live our life is an ongoing reflection of our relationship to the feminine. Do we throw trash on the ground? Do we pump pollution into the air? Do we eat unhealthy food? Do we care about our bodies? Do we feel uninspired? I personally believe that the recent explosions of diseases such as cancer, are micro-scale expressions, reflecting the macro-scale behaviour of the human beings toward the planet (our bodies).


I have found that if you want to make improvements in one area, then matched effort in another area representing the same “essence” will help immensely. Let’s say I want to eat more foods that promote health and vitality in my body. In addition to making changes in your food choices, try also picking up some trash. If you start treating your outer environment better, along with the other beings you encounter, then it will be easier to also show more love and respect for your body, and vice-versa. Since the body and the natural Earth reflect aspects of the feminine, I have also found it useful to observe my relationship to women, who often embody femininity. The parallels between my attitudes toward each are extremely insightful.


We are all very subtly communicating to each other how we make love by the way we live our lives.


Falling in love with Earth has given me renewed inspiration to give all I can to every moment.


To deepen my capacity to love through every situation while feeling into the infinite here and now.


We are all in this together, let’s fall in love!


Keep Dreaming,


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