Diving into the Moment




Diving into the Moment



The sun causes my skin to ignite with heat as I run,

my bare feet sinking into the soft sand.


As my breathing quickens, my heart beats to match the pace,

synching with the rhythmic pulse of the waves at my side.


Soft curves, topped with white shimmering allure, beckon me closer,

the refreshing coolness lapping at my feet.


Jolts of energy shoot up from the tips of my toes as the sand melts around,

the wild and refreshing pulse of the water getting hard to ignore.


Sweat running down my back, the fire inside building higher, until

I tear my clothes off and dive into her depths.


To merge as one with the moment, my body lights up as if struck by lightning,

the water in my cells alive to the union of all around me.


My thoughts empty as I let go and join in the effortless energetic exchange with life,

The water and my blood, the air and my breath, the Earth and my body, the Sun and my spirit.

Always One.

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