Skills Needed for a Co-Creation


Skills Needed for a Co-creation

I am pulling together a team of individuals to support the collective creation of an idea. I am unable to access this innovation alone and require the help of others who are aligned with the vision and purpose. If you are curious to know more than I share in this blog, I ask that you contact me to open a dialogue of intention and I can provide more details.

I recognize the amplification potential of cities. Life moves faster. There is a constant undercurrent pulling you along at a hasty speed. The flow is faster in particular cities. Some are more chaotic. Others click along without a pause. I will be returning to one of these magnetic cities in the Spring to manifest this dream. In my experience, opportunity potential is enhanced multiple magnitudes in Calgary, AB and this is where the physical space of creation will coalesce.

This particular dream requires a diverse range of passions/interests. From what I gather, it will need people with a love for:

Chemistry (molecular bonding, oxidation, metals, water properties)

Electrical (circuit diagrams, power storage, electricity flow and usage)

Water (relationship with the energetic qualities and subtle nature of water)

Research (internet searching, information compiling)

Mechanical (vehicle, motor)

Metals (alloys, fabrication, welding)

Computer (programming, modelling)

                – Team Projects/Leadership

Other resources that will be needed:

– Metal’s shop and/or tools

– Garage/workspace

– Materials (metal, wood, electrical, other unanticipated needs)

– Funding for non-gifted essentials and surprise gifts of gratitude to givers

If you are feeling excited about the idea then I trust your inspiration to contact me for more details. I deeply believe in the possibility and reality of this dream. There is potential for it to have an incredible impact on the world. It requires individuals who are open to new stories and I trust in those who express resonance. There is a chance that what we are creating already exists and we get to simply play with refinement. I will be putting all of the resources I am able toward igniting this fire and sustaining it with the fluidity of water because I believe in its potential to create huge waves of change.

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